Turn Streets into Your Runway This Monsoon


All of us are rain lovers, and why not be? They are romantic, refreshing, and bring in the smell of nature. But what happens when you want to go on a brunch date with your besties under the shower, and there is absolutely nothing to wear? Let’s just assume that this does not happen. So, instead, try and pick some or all of the suggestions beneath to keep up your style quotient this monsoon –

  1. Transparent Umbrellas
Sometimes simplicity does the job with transparent umbrellas.

Well, it’s time to get over those cliché boring umbrellas. Instead, invest in quirky pieces like transparent umbrellas. These look super chic when you step out on the roads and with the droplets dripping right over the see-through material, the visual is nothing less than a holiday movie. Some would also like to go for rainbow stripes in umbrellas, but that is a bit old now. Another way to spice up the look is to opt for huge umbrellas, simply because they look grand and can also fit a lot of people.

  1. Gum Boots
Make a fashion statement in quirky gum boots.

Picking the right shoe for the monsoon is an important and non-neglectable task. Imagine walking on the roads of puddles and damaging your favorite pair. Gumboots have been in the industry for quite some time, and they are here to stay. You could experiment with colors like orange, purple, and pink. While others could choose the classic monochromatic black or grey gum boots. These perfectly blend with most monsoon outfits and really are a big thumbs up. Comfort and fashion all at the same time!

  1. Bright Colours
Stand out of the crowd by choosing bright clothing.

If it isn’t obvious, the sky is already colored in shades of grey and we do not our outfits to look gloomy too. Add a punch of color into the atmosphere by choosing colorful clothing over monochrome ones, your boots have already been hired to do the needful. You can pick pop colors for your raincoats, open blazers or shirts, and mini skirts to save from the puddles and pants. Imagine how picturesque one must look after donning a bright ensemble on a grey day.

  1. Cropped Wearing
Choose clothes that do not touch the ground.

Nobody likes to damage their clothes in the rain. No matter how much you try to fold them to keep in place, or protect them from the showers of vehicles in puddles, it is definitely going to get dirty. Instead, choose clothes that do not touch the maximum lengths and also which are easily washable. Items like dresses, shorts, skirts, cropped pants, and capris are best suitable to sport in the monsoon season. These will also go well with your gum boots, remember?

  1. Breathable Fabric
Linen is one of the most breathable fabrics.

This is non-negotiable. The rains produce humidity in the environment which when mixed with unbreathable or sticky clothing could really ruin your day apart from causing a rash or itch all over your body. It is important that you wisely choose garments that do not stick to your skin, are airy, and let your skin breathe freely. One of the best fabrics for the monsoon is linen, thanks to its net-like feel that lets air pass through. You could also pick cotton clothing or clothes made out of muslin. Avoid synthetics and thick clothing.

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