Turn your Arranged Marriage Into A Beautiful Love Affair


Lucky are those who find their soul mates themselves and live happily ever after. The idea of love marriage itself sounds fancy in the Indian traditional marriage system. Listening about the tales of how did you guys meet? romantic initial dates, who proposed first and then who popped ‘the big question’ is always exciting and makes us all yearn a love story of ours too. But as they say, it is not necessary that every Queen finds her King through a love story only.

Be it love marriage or arranged, the only thing that matters in a successful relationship is trust and understanding.

If you’re tying the knot in an arranged marriage, we are here with some pro tips to help you build a loving and understanding relationship, no less than a love affair.

1. Start With Friendship

Best relationships are those which have the base of friendship. In the courtship period, try to know your partner through the perspective of a friend. Love without friendship doesn’t last forever. Be inquisitive about each other’s likes and dislike, show interest in the things they like, express your feelings and develop a mutual understanding. Try opening up to each other and create a non-stressful and friendly domain.


2. Come To An Understanding

Always remember these wise words my dear friend, “nobody’s perfect”. Compromise is that crucial key of any relationship without which you can never unlock the doors to someone’s heart. It is absolutely irrational to expect that both of you have the same interests and behaviour. Be it, husband or wife, the only way to have a successful relationship is by coming to an understanding. Be firm about the things you actually want and find a middle ground in case of any argument and witness your love blooming.


3. Communicate

Don’t hesitate to tell your partner how you feel. Good communication is very essential to establish a strong relationship and to keep unnecessary quarrels at bay. No talking can be very dangerous for a relationship. Don’t become one of those couples who do not talk at all and are always occupied with themselves. Make sure you guys are not just a couple who talk over dinner.


4. Respect each other’s privacy

Yes, couples share everything! But on the same hand, respecting your partner’s privacy and giving them the space they need is also equally important. You don’t have to always poke in their life and decisions; if you think your better half is doing something that doesn’t sound right and continues with it even after your disapproval, let them do it. Sometimes it’s better to learn from experiences.



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