Turn your small affair into a grand one!: Wedding edition 


Calm down guys and girls, we know that the pandemic sure leaves no pages unturned to spoil your big day. Even though the authorities mightve cut some slack in terms of getting married while the pandemic is on, but the couples still cant celebrate their big day the way they planned. Even after having a short guest list do you still wish to spend big and make your affair a grand one? If yes, then we have a few perfect ideas to turn your intimate pandemic wedding into a grand one.

Go big on decor!

So what if you guys cant have like a thousand people around you? You can still have a grand decor for your wedding venue, right? The cost that mightve been slashed out because of reducing the guest list can be used in turning your wedding decor into a fairytale one. From elegant floral trails, poised seating arrangements to shiny chandeliers everything can be included in your intimate wedding to make it look like a grand one.

Finest cocktails


Well, speaking of turning your intimate weddings into grand one then we would say that what if you cant allow more people, but you can still keep the standards of your cocktails top-notch, and still follow the guidelines. A luxury collection of wine and some finest cocktails harm no one, right? So, it’s decided it’s going to be an intimate, but grand wedding with the perfect bar collection.

Return gifts!

Yes, it sure sounds like a weird and kiddish tactic, but if youre cutting some cost because of an intimate affair then why not? But you still wish to spend large on your big day then you should probably think of giving your minimal guests a perfect gift once theyre returning. This way youll make them feel special and youll get all the royal wedding vibes from your intimate wedding.

Best of everything


Lastly, we would like to conclude by stating the fact that, if you wish to keep your wedding dreams right where they were and not alter them because of the pandemic then we would suggest you go for the best of everything. If youre not inviting several guests and making it an affair to remember well then you can always spend on yourself and choose the best luxuries and the best quality of everything. From food, wearables, decor to everything else.


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