Turning home into artful spaces

Artful spaces
Manja vitolic

Isn’t it a part of human nature to be drawn towards beautiful things — even if they are not the exact choice at the moment. This theory holds true in the world of artful spaces as well. You could go to a store and choose every single stunning artful accent piece you come across. Create a blueprint defining all the pivots suggestive of your taste. Evolving with the dynamic of concepts and style is also imperative. One must adapt to the ever growing trends while restoring the comfort.

Plan With A Purpose

It is imperative to define the need of the space in question. For instance, examine the area’s usage – whether it is going to be used for large and regular social gatherings or brimming with children? This shall help you to identify the layout and furniture and transform the design of the room. The whole idea of this exercise is to bring clarity of thought – ‘what is this space going to be used for?’ A heterogeneous purpose, usually, undermines the central purport of a place. You can’t preserve the sanity of your living area if it is doubled as a kid’s playroom.

Artful spaces
Tina Dawson

Create A Vision

Once space has been defined, chalk out the desired aesthetics and atmosphere for your concept because, in the end, it is about creating a vision. A clearly-outlined vision can help you preserve the aspects of timelessness & longevity to your interiors. For a designer, a concept’s communication is similar to storytelling. All the elements and pieces must tell a story about their arrangement. Imagine your space and prepare a collection of your ideas. Brainstorm to filter the best that defines a vision for your home.

Be Thoughtful About Materials And Construction

Materials and construction influence how a person may experience the finished room. For me, natural and local materials hold supreme importance. Not everything needs to be expensive. You can always find valuable thrifts or upscale decor accents or exhibit an olio of both. For example, if you are designing an area inspired by the imperial palaces of Rajasthan, it would not be difficult to find a door similar to the Shekhawati Darwaza or a Jharonka, at the local fleas markets. 

Juxtapose Contrasting Elements

Like two magnets, juxtaposition is all about the artful opposites attracting to each other. It is similar to the balancing of the Yin & Yang. For attaining noticeable differentiation, juxtaposing is essential.  For instance, one may be drawn to geometry but you can’t incorporate all geometric patterns in one space. So, adding a circular element to straight lines would create a better flow. Adding lateral components can make an area appear extraordinary or dramatic. Often, people end up either creating cacophonous concepts or extremely bland interiors. So, achieving parity is very important.

Artful spaces
Creatv Eight

Strike A Balance

Do not indulge in creating simple focal points. Analyse your room’s architectural highlights – doors, windows, etc and then begin adding articles in accord. Evaluate sightlines from various vantage points. Whirl around the room and question the perspective from each angle. Nothing can be graver than cooking in a non-functional kitchen or sleeping in a bedroom whose layout is absurd. 

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