Tweak India By Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna Presents Tweak

Twinkle Khanna, a director, actor, an interior designer, columnist and novelist has now ventured into the entrepreneurial world with her own Digital Media company, Tweak India. A bilingual platform that is built by multi-taskers will bear Twinkle Khanna’s signature wit, unbiased perspective and empathy. Tweak strives to give readers solutions that offer maximum results with minimum effort.

It is a platform that will offer content to women to expand their minds and strengthen their backbones. It is a space for the modern Indian woman to challenge old ideas and discover new ones. Tweak India is a collaborative and collective space for discussing and emphasising on a wide range of complex topics such as sex education and feminine health while supporting women to be financially independent and socially confident. To ensure this mission reaches its full potential, the company is partnering with Instagram, the kindest community online. 

Speaking of her digital media company, Twinkle Khanna says, “I want Tweak to be a judgement-free place for women to ask questions, seek advice and engage in a meaningful debate on almost any subject. This is as much a space for seeing your glass as always half-full, while laughing at yourself because you really can’t see without your glasses.”

The company bridges the gap between aspirational and accessible. The platform—with contributions from experts in various fields, eminent writers and celebrities—encompasses multiple verticals banded together. These range from parenting with an emphasis on topics like bullying, LGBTQ+ sensitization, gender equality; to wellness with a holistic approach to fitness, positive body image and mental health awareness. Tweak will also provide a deep dive into the culture with a thrust towards sustainability; beauty, career and lifestyle, with content in the form of short and long reads, podcasts, videos and events.

This ethos is reflected in its special properties, which include the hilarious ‘Tweak Multitasker’, where celebrities are challenged to answer a quirky questionnaire while performing a task. The tentpole series Golden Girls presents a fresh perspective on iconic female leaders from Sudha Murthy to Vidya Balan, with Twinkle making her debut as the interviewer. How To Talk To Your Kids About Anything is an empathetic, light-hearted guide to broaching difficult subjects with children, ranging from illness and god to sex-ed. Investigating our rich, diverse culture, a standout series — Beauty Rituals From Around India — looks at how self-care is celebrated in different communities. 

Tweak’s video content will first be available to the Instagram community for 48hours before it gets shared on other platforms. Since most of the content is more than a minute long, this will be an IGTV-led strategy. Saket Jha Saurabh, Head of Entertainment Partnerships, Facebook India, elaborates, “Instagram fosters the kindest community online where people and groups pursue their passions like food and travel and share their voices on causes like sustainable fashion and body positivity. Creators utilise Instagram for their creativity and amazing social video moments, and that couldn’t be truer than in the case of Tweak. Their purpose seamlessly merged with that of the Instagram community and so we’re glad to have partnered with them.”

Twinkle adds, “I’m delighted that Tweak India has a strategic partner in Instagram. It is truly heartening that one of the world’s largest platforms believes in our vision as much as we do.”

Tweak India, like its founder, firmly believes that nothing is sacred in life except laughter.

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