Types of Guests At Indian Weddings!


Indian weddings are an extravagant affair –  we spend lavishly, dress glamorously and eat like it’s our last meal ever. All of us attend numerous weddings every year, in fact December and January should be considered the official months of getting married in India. As you are busy putting an appearance in this carnival of weddings, you meet a variety of guests. From people fillings their bellies to ones dancing like there’s no tomorrow, we find some pretty interesting people there. Which one are you?

The Glutton 

This is the category of people who pile their plates high with food at any and every instance! Not only that, they will go for several refills and never feel shy of demanding more food. Their only aim is to stuff themselves up as much as possible, before the function ends.

The Spendthrift

These are the type of people who love to spend on someone else’s wedding as if it is their own. They will appear decked in jewels and diamonds and will definitely make sure that they stand out in the crowd.

The Show-Off

This is the category who are adamant about showing off as much as they can, even if they can’t afford all that much. They will always be talking about how they spent twice as much as you did, and how they are the epitome of suaveness and grace. They will go to any heights to show off as much as they can.

The  ‘Gossip Queen Aunty’

This is the kind of ‘aunty’ who likes to chit-chat with other like-minded people around her (preferably other aunties) and gossip about all the affairs and the latest trends doing the rounds. They are constantly in a mood to exchange updates about everyone’s lives.

The Dancing Champion

Every wedding inadvertently has one.There will always be a person with two right feet who  can’t stop dancing. They are always in the mood to make merry, and can be seen rollicking away to glory!

The creepy guy

It doesn’t matter which, every Indian wedding is at least a four day affair. And every time we visit one, there is a creepy guy who stalks you from the first day to the last. Thanks to social media, these days those stalkers can reach up to another level and find your Instagram and Facebook handles as well.