Your ultimate Sangeet playlist!


Unwinding you from the anxiety and the hectic schedule of the preparations for the marriage, the Sangeet ceremony lets you unveil your fun and chirpy side. Grooving on your favourite music and flaunting your sexy dance moves in front of the audience who have always seen your sober and serene face, Sangeet Ceremony adds to the fun. Formerly known to be a celebration for the bride, modern times lets both bride and groom engage in the festivity together. To groove your leg on your favourite beats, one needs to be all prepared with a Sangeet Playlist that will be employed to action at the pomp. Choose your Sangeet playlist from the following songs and inculcate some twists and turns into your dance moves.

London Thumakda

Turn up the volume and let your body adjust to the care-free and dynamic rhythm of the song. The power-pack beats of the song has the ability to make everyone indulge in some thumkas. Don’t be surprised at the ‘once-more’ requests.

Tenu Leke:- Salaam E Ishq

The lyrics of the song convey the message from the groom’s perspective that he is all set to take away the bride-to-be with her. A groom’s performance is a must on this one, dedicating it to her fiancée.

Badtameez Dil – YJHD

The young members of the family, who are still single can croon and groove on this one to convey that they are open to indulge in some flirting (and weddings are the perfect opportunity for the same).

Asaan Hun Tur Jaana

Depicting the sentiments of the bride-to-be, who’s about to leave her family behind to set a new voyage with her husband, the song says ‘few days are left before I leave’.

Mahi ve: Kal ho na ho

Amalgamating to the vibes of the marriage, this song should be a priority on your sangeet playlist.

Balle Balle: Bride and Prejudice

Dnacing on the perfect Punjabi beats, the song will get everyone on the dance floor. This song can be a performance by the bride, groom and their friends and family.

Wah Wah Ramji: Hum Aapke Hai Koun

Congratulating your to-be brother and sister in law, this song requires all the young members of the family to come together and send their warmest wishes to the bride and groom.