Ultimate Summer Skincare Regime For Dehydrating Skin

Summer Skincare Regime For Dehydrating Skin

The summer months are here, which is going to cause your skin to feel dehydrated. You must maintain a skincare routine because your skin is everyone’s first impression of you. During summer, you should concentrate on utilizing products that are best for your skin type. Here, we offer you a carefully picked list of summer skincare products that will give your skin a healthy glow.

Dry vs Dehydrated Skin

Dry vs Dehydrated SkinAlthough dryness and dehydration may appear and feel similar to people, there is a very thin line dividing the two. Dehydrated skin is a skin ailment that develops when the skin is dehydrated. Anybody can experience this, regardless of skin tone. Dehydrated skin often has a dull appearance and can exhibit early ageing symptoms including surface wrinkles and suppleness loss. Like oily or mixed skin, dehydrated skin is a skin type where the complexion lacks lipids or oils, giving it a more flaky, dry appearance. Increasing your fluid intake won’t help with this condition. Your skin might suffer throughout the summer, therefore taking proper care of it becomes essential rather than optional.

Morning Skincare Regime

  • Cleansing

Cleansing - Skincare RegimeUse an oil-based cleanser to let your skin breathe while preserving essential skin oils. Since oil dissolves oil, oil-based cleansers are particularly effective at removing excess oil from your own skin. They penetrate the pores deeply to dissolve dirt and pollution while supplying your pores with vital antioxidants that are found naturally in plant-based oils.

  • Toner

Skin TonerToners provide calming ingredients to moisturize and calm dehydrated skin as well as lessen redness and irritation. Toners that are hydrating and relaxing still aid in deeper cleansing of the face without stripping it of its natural oils.

  • Face Serums

Face SerumsThe best time of year to buy a facial serum with vitamin C is during the summer. You can apply a few drops of face serum between your moisturizer and sunscreen for additional skin protection and to get rid of fine wrinkles, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation. Moreover, it promotes collagen.

  • SPF

SPFDuring the summer, sunscreen is said to be a skincare lifesaver since it shields sensitive skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Never even think about leaving the house without sunscreen since UV rays will harm your skin and hasten the ageing process. In fact, you should wear sunscreen during the day even if you are indoors on a sunny or rainy day to reduce your risk of skin damage. A 30SPF or higher is recommended for Indian summers.

  • Moisturizer

Moisturizing SkinNever stop hydrating dehydrated skin. This procedure aids in improving the water retention and hydration levels of dehydrated skin. To help your skin heal, pick a moisturizer that is water-based and contains the correct amount of active ingredients like urea, ceramides, lactic acid, or glycerol. Your skin will be moisturized and its outer layer restored with the proper combination.

Night Skincare Regime

  • Cleansing

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is; cleansing your skin is crucial. Use a gentle cleanser to clean your skin at night immediately after taking off your makeup. Choose an oil-based cleanser to eliminate the possibility of twice washing your skin, which will be more harmful than beneficial.

  • Eye Treatment

Eye TreatmentDue to its thin layer and sensitivity, the area around the eyes is the most prone to ageing and wrinkles. As a result, because it has few sebaceous glands, it is typically relatively simple to maintain the area around the eyes. To delay ageing and prevent fine lines, use an eye cream that is hydrating and has retinol-like characteristics.

  • Face Serums

The greatest time to restore your skin is at night while you sleep soundly and allow your serums to perform. Take two to three drops of any serum on your fingers, warm them up by rubbing them, and then slowly massage that into your skin. Apply your serums so that the one you want to benefit from the most goes on first and the least crucial one comes last.

  • Night Cream

Although it usually comes last in your night-time skincare routine, this step is crucial for persons with dehydrated skin. Apply an oily night cream to keep the moisture locked in.

  • Lip Care

Lip CareWhen it comes to skincare, we frequently focus on our skin and overlook our lips, which causes them to look pigmented and dreary. Summer daytime requires the use of an SPF-containing lip balm, which should never be neglected. You can use a lip balm at night that is ideal for keeping your lips hydrated all night long and will make your lips feel nourished and plump the following morning. You can also exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub twice a week at night, then use a lip lighting mask as a treatment ingredient following, finishing with lip balm.