Ultra-luxe home decor for the wedding season!


Getting hitched to your sweetheart is about a lot of amusement, preparations and wheeching down after every possible thing to make the wedding paradisaical. From your wardrobe to accessories, body care products to even dime a dozen items, kitchen utensils to hardware; the whole ball of wax is reinvigorated to felicitate the novel start. So why let down your home in the blue funk of monotony when you have these exquisite home decor brands for your grand WED-Day home makeover? Here is a quick insight into this opulent decor apt for your sweet home.

ANNA CASA Interiors

All the way from Chelsea, London, this brand offers characteristically timeless luxury interiors which will not only be the genesis of an emotional connection but will also tempt your senses. Get your hands on the bespoke pieces such as Mirror Dunello, Chandelier Antares, Cabinet Eliot, Ottaman Stool Nino, Beige rugs, Matte Gold Finish Wallpapers, etc. to bring that desirable individuality to your space.

Boca do Lobo

Revisioning antique techniques of fine craftsmanship to create beyond price cosmopolitan environments is the spearheading mission of LOBO. Side boards. Armchairs, Consoles, Cabinets, Dining Tables, Center Tables, Chairs, Mirrors, Suspension and Wall lamps, Display and Book cases, Cupboards, Nightstands, etc. have a huge variety in numerous shades and textures which will provide you an amazing range for your choices. 

Covet House

Coveted products to relish upon awaits at your door if you are in search of curated masterpieces for statement interiors, lighting and upholstery, case goods, furniture, bathrooms, hardware and many more. This decor brand bolsters the interior design community with unique materials and tools. The products will set amazeballs to the WED-HOUSE also without a shadow of doubt. decor


Composed of elegant lighting and decadent furs, ravishing upholstery, extraordinary case goods, magical mineral medleys, metallics, vibrant jewel tones and exotic feathers, the collections have perfect fit-outs. KOKET’s love affair with its unique design driven experiences and content will set your wedding mood at bewildering heights to rejoice with your partner. 

Thomas Blakemore

Replicating the drama from the Art Deco period, Versailles Paris period, Greek and Roman Civilisation with exclusivity from Staffordshire, England; this brand strikes the world of prime precious stones such as Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Mother of Pearl, Obsidian, Pink Quartz, Red Jasper, Rock Crystal, Sodalite and Tiger Eye to shape one of a kind inlays, vases, hand basins, columns, pillars, frames, luxury products, etc. with mercury gold, gold leaf, 24 carat gold plating put in. The pieces will bring that royal glory to the newlyweds celebrating regality.  

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