Unconventional bridal hairstyles to choose from


Clad in a traditional bridal lehenga, adorned in glinting jewellery and looking no less than an angel — this is how an Indian woman transforms into a perfect bride on her wedding day. It is such a big day of her life that every bride starts planning for her wedding months before the final day. While beauty and makeup are one of the important aspects that any bride focuses on, bridal hairstyle is generally put on the back burner. In most cases, brides simply hire a MUA to do her hair. This bridal season, step away from the trodden path and jump on the unconventional bandwagon! Wedding Affair has researched and listed five fabulous hairstyles that you should choose to look traditional yet trendy.

Braided Hair

If you are gifted with long, thick tresses, almost every hairstyle can be easily doable with your hair. One hairstyle that’ll look the best on your hair is the braided plaits. Braided hairstyles are hassle free and comfortable. They can be incorporated singedly or along with a bun. If you have shorter hair and still want to braid your hair you can add hair extensions or switches.

Half updos

If you are facing a dilemma of deciding between an updo or loose hairstyle, then we have found you the perfect solution — you should do neither. What you should do is opt for both at the same time. Try a half updo for satisfying the craving of having best of both the styles. This hairstyle can make you look modern and elegant yet provide a classic aura. To achieve this look, tie up your hair in the front and leave them open at the back. According to personal preferences, this style can be achieved in varied ways. For starters, you can curl your hair then take up the voluminous part in the front and tie them up using accessories, leaving loose curls open at the back. 

Loose Open Waves

Loose open hair gives off the effortless, cool and timeless vibe. This is not a usual well-picked option for a big fat Indian wedding day as it lacks that required grandeur. Though, if you want to attract attention on your wedding lehenga, jewellery and hair accessories, this is the perfect option. Another option can be to effortlessly carry this style in your pre-wedding functions such as mehendi and sangeet. Whatever you natural hair texture is, whether curly, straight or wavy, this looks works well for everyone. Loose open waves work better than tightly curled open hair as they become unmanageable.

Side Swept Style

Side swept hair is the exquisitely blended cocktail of traditional yet modern concoction. They can be formulated if you are looking to add an edge to your attire. You can achieve this hairstyle via several means. If you want to go for a wild, carefree attitude, choose a messy hair swept. You can leave the hair in messy curls followed by tying them in a loose side shoulder hanging braid. Complete the look by adding hair accessories such as pearls and flowers or a maang tikka in your hairstyle. 

Hair In Ponytail

Ponytails are an integral part of every girl’s life. From stepping foot in school to street style fashion, they are evidently evergreen. If you are running short on time yet want to look stylish, go for a ponytail. Though, they are not a women’ got to choice at a wedding. Most women prefer to look unlike their usual self on their special day, hence ponytails get easily rejected as they scream normalcy. Yet, millennial brides have broken this myth. 

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