Unconventional wedding invitations that tell a story


              Unconventional wedding invitations that tell a story

While prepping for your wedding, there are heaps of tasks that have to be managed, delegated and executed. And out of the monstrous pile of work, the one that poses a complication is the Herculean task of selecting a card. It’s a given that hours of contemplating and arguing will be dedicated to this decision, and that too in paddling with mediocre and run-of-the-mill designs such as lotus and satya motifs. We know that the preparation must be pushing you into a state of paranoia and testing your patience to the core, but we diligently brainstormed and shortlisted the crème de la crème of the vastly available designs.  Designs that have hints of quirk and dollops of creativity, so you can kick-off your work shoes, sit-back and sip on a Sangria because this is one task crossed off your “To-do” list.

  1. Puzzled?

    Don’t just spoon-feed the guests; make them work for their invites. After all, they’re the lucky ones who get to attend your wedding. Get your invitation cards printed as jigsaw pieces so that the receiver has the joy of unscrambling the mystery. A little challenge never hurt anybody, right?

  2. Monopolistic form of invitation

    Monopoly is the king of all board games, mighty and unchallenged. It holds the power to bring families together as well as the potential to induce indefinite quarrels. The game has been around for decades now and undoubtedly qualifies as a classic. It’s a way of life, we all grow up playing Monopoly and what better than an invitation that will send the receiver straight into nostalgia?

  1. The Wild Child

    Do a little #throwback and reminisce the memories of the rebellious phase and the phase of absolute wanderlust. Think Coachella and Sunburn and go thematic with musical festival inspired invitation passes (read: cards). You could also distribute some ‘backstage passes’ to the closest of the lot, and enjoy an exclusive after-party.

  1. Willy Wonka-esque Wedlock

    Distributing sweets or confectioneries along with the invitation card is an age old custom in our country. And to execute that with a healthy dose of innovation, do it the Willy Wonka way: be eccentric and whimsical. Send out chocolate bars with The Golden Ticket, to transpose your guests to the magical world of literature and fantasy.

  1. Box me up

    You’re probably spending a hefty amount on your romantic pre-wedding shoot, why not use the photos and give your guests an insight into your mystical life? It is an exceedingly personal element and would be widely appreciated as well. Create a collage, send out photos booth strips or get a pop-up box made (like the one in the picture)

  1. What’s in the news?

    Since you’re going to be the talk of the town for a while post announcing your wedding, why not take a cue from it? Rubbish rumors, boast about your love story, let in people on a few secrets, create misleading headlines, go the editorial way and let your imagination go wild.

So step back from the monotonous wedding invitations that your parents might force you to select, move away from the norm and let your invitation card tell the receiver your fairy tale, in unconventional ways.