Unique Bridal Entries


At the wedding ceremony, a bride usually walks down the aisle either along with her best man or her parents. This ceremony of handing over the bride to the groom has traditionally been followed in almost every wedding. Recently, most brides either like to sparkle their entry with fireworks while dancing their way towards the groom or enter with their best friends. 

Unlike the shy and sober brides in the past, the modern brides express utmost ecstasy while walking their way to meet the groom. The kind of magical aura that a bride desire is often a mixture of fairyland and real life. 



 However, in this everchanging world, brides have come up with unique ideas to enjoy this priceless moment.


Boat Ride to the Venue


Image source:1plus1 studio


A wedding boat decorated with charming accessories like the bride herself is an ideal concept in modern marriages. A bride comfortably sits in the embellished boat like a Queen eagerly waiting to meet her King. While all the cameras and the entire gathering is eagerly awaiting the bride’s arrival, she calmly enjoys her luxury ride! The boat is rowed by an oarsman who takes the bride across the river or the lake to her destination. This concept of bridal entry is only possible at the destination that accompanies a nearby water body.



However, nowadays designing a smaller boat for the bride to just take her across a big swimming pool is also becoming popular. One can go for it while arranging a wedding in a luxurious resort that has a swimming pool. 


 Let Chopper make its way!



 Flying to the wedding venue must seem heavenly! Brides-to-be, you can put “entry on a chopper” on one of the top priorities among your wedding planner’s list. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to endeavour such an unmatchable and luxurious arrival to your wedding venue. It will not only be a wonderful experience for you but also the guests at your wedding will talk about it for a long time. 

Floral palki to the mandap


Via: koro_films

 To be carried in a floral palki to the mandap might not be as fancy as the above two concepts, but it indeed is a dreamy idea. This kind of bridal entry is not only budget-friendly but will also make you feel like an Apsara or a goddess making her way. The palki can be customised according to the bride’s preferences. It can either be in a flower’s shape or it can all over be adorned with white and pink flowers.

Whichever design the bride may choose, it will look fabulous!