Unique cakes for Weddings


Is a wedding ceremony complete without the bride and groom cutting a large piece of cake to feed each other? Oh, how desperately all of us wait for the cake cutting to be held during our birthday parties!
Well, we must agree wholeheartedly with the fact that wedding cakes have a charm of their own. Traditionally, it was perceived that a wedding cake was supposed to bring good luck and happiness in the happily-ever-after of the newly married couple. However, these days, cutting cakes on the wedding have become an irresistible trend that everyone would love to follow.


To have an exclusive cake cutting ceremony amidst a huge gathering at your wedding, you have to choose an extraordinary cake. A simple cake dressed up with fruit and chocolate toppings would suffice the cravings of your guests, but it won’t suffice your wish to have a grand wedding cake-cutting ceremony. So, here we have sorted some ideas to order for a unique cake at your wedding.

Enter the castle of your Dreams!


As a child who believed in fairy tales and dreamlands, I’m sure you must have dreamt of building a castle to live with the love of your life! So, here’s a miniature of your lovely castle cake, exclusively designed to add a tinge of perfection to your wedding ceremony. This mind-blowing cake design is amongst the top priority from our wedding cake’s list that may indeed win over your heart in a single glance. 

An epitome of Royalty!


For your grand wedding, if you are looking for a cake that signifies your desire for perfection, then this significantly embellished soft-pink cake is the best suit for you! A unique plant drawn on the cake, making its way to the topmost layer, going through the gaps will signify the couple’s strong bond, emerging ever stronger while passing through the thicks and thins of life.  

But why not Go for a Funny Cake this time?


Would you prefer a cake in which a bride is trying to steal her man forever, preventing him from an escape this time?


Or would you love to have a cake that narrates your journey of reaching towards your Wedding day?


Or maybe the one that clearly demonstrates your individual interests and demarcates your preferences? Well, the customisation of this cake will surely be a personal preference of the bride and groom! 

The one with your Photograph


This elegant cake portrays the bride and groom holding hands and promising their ‘forever’ with each other. You could customise this beautiful concept by replacing the backside of the couple with your photograph while placing the order for your cake.

An Upside-down Cake

cake central

Last, but not least, this upside-down cake will definitely make all your guests awestruck with fascination. This is the latest and the most trending design for wedding cakes this season and is indeed the one you must prefer if you are looking for innovative wedding cakes.

A couple is seen happiest while feeding each other the first bite from their wedding cake. So, don’t miss this priceless moment of affection and order your unique wedding cake at the earliest. 

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