Unique Food Items to add to your Wedding Menu


Food is a way to anyone’s heart. It becomes especially true when we talk about weddings. Food plays one of the most important role in an Indian wedding ceremony. Your guests are always super excited about the food and catering. In fact, it is one thing which people will talk about or reminisce whenever they’ll talk about your marriage.

Everyone has common yet tasty dishes like paneer, daal, noodles etc. in their wedding menu but you can add an extra ‘omph’ factor to your menu by trying something different. Given below are some of the unique dishes/ food items which you can add to your catering menu to make it a culinary experience for your guests.

    • Mini Burgers

      Adorable to look at and tasty to eat

Burgers are loved by all, especially if they come in the size of a finger food. These are also great for kids who can enjoy these in one serving. Also, one advantage of this burger is that the amount of food would be wasted less as these can be consumed in one bite and won’t be filling.

    • Salad Bar

      Salad Bars are super fun!

Healthy is certainly wealthy. Having a salad bar at your wedding where people can make or customize their own salad and can enjoy the taste of fresh vegetables and fruit will certainly be the highlight of the event. This will also be great for those with dietary restrictions or with certain allergies.

    • Nachos with Salsa

      Everyone will love Nachos

Everyone loves nachos and salsa. Having this at your wedding will give it a slight Mexican twist and will make your guests feel more important and premium. Moreover, nachos are quite versatile and can be enjoyed by kids as well. Also, not much is needed to prepare the dish.

    • Taco Twist!

      Tacos will certainly be a new experience for many

Tacos are something which can be easily assembled and will be enjoyed by everyone. Furthermore, since it is a Mexican dish, it won’t give a huge shock to the people who love Indian food or have Indian palette. Tacos will certainly be a unique and new experience for your guests which they’ll love.

    • Sundae Counter

      Sundae Counter will be the most popular of all the dishes

Ice cream is loved by all and what better way to give people their favourite dessert than a Sundae Counter. Here, they will be able to get their favourite and customized sundaes and will be able to enjoy the ice cream fully. This will certainly become the Finale of your food menu.

    • Personalized Donuts/ Macaroons

      Add a touch of luxury with these personalized macaroons

Add some extra pizzazz to your celebration with personalized donuts or macaroons. This extra mile will certainly make the guests more impressed by your wedding preparations. It will also act as a great picture and selfie item which people can click and tag you and your partner on social media.

Thus, food is not only important but is also a huge factor in making a good impression on your guests. The above mentioned food items are quite unique and thoughtful which will make your guests feel special and they won’t be able to stop talking about your wedding and catering for days to come!

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