Unique Nath Designs For Brides

Nath Designs For Brides - Wedding Affair

The nath is the most important element of a bridal look. Indian bridal nath is so beautiful and the most magical accessory which a bride wears on her big day. This quintessential piece of jewellery has been in trend for decades now. Adding nath to your bridal look will enhance your look and you will captivate the attention of everyone at a glance. However, carrying a nath with your ensemble on your wedding day is not easy. You might be in a dilemma whether a nath will suit your face or not, will you be able to manage this jewellery piece with ease or the trendiest designs that will go well with your bridal aesthetics?

We have therefore gathered a variety of nath designs options for you to pick from to ensure that these concerns are the least of your problems when D-day arrives. Delve into the trend of nath and elevate your bridal look effortlessly.

All The Types Of Nath Designs For Brides

The Classic Bridal Nath 

Classic NathSimple nath designs with a minimal jadau, polki or beads embellishment are the favourite pick of many brides. This simple nath design can be accentuated with every artistic of bridal ensemble. This classic bridal nath design is light weighted and easy to carry. These simple nath designs attached with simple pearl string look classy and chic.

Studded Oversized Nath 

Oversized NathFor the maximalist effect, you can opt for oversized nath. These nath designs look regal and level up your sartorial realm. Studded oversized nath looks amazing when paired with heavy lehenga and magnificent jewellery. The intricate designs give a polished finish to your nath. The studded oversized nath alone here is enough to steal the show for once and all!

Statement Nath 

Statement NathWant to look unique and captivating on your wedding day? What’s better than adorning a statement nath. Don’t hesitate and be a little extra! Oversized statement design nath with small beads, intricate designs of polki, jadau or meenakari and pearl string will make you look dreamy. The statement nath designs makes you look attention-grabbing in the first glimpse itself!

Minimal Nath 

Minimal NathThe brides opting for a minimal fashion quotient can opt for minimal nath designs such as ring design, nath with two or three strings and the eye-catcher pearl studded string. You can adorn a minimal nath if you are going light with your jewellery and your bridal attire. Minimal nath can be well complemented with heavily embellished jewellery and outfit as well. Brides who want to avoid any risk for their big day can opt for minimal design nath.

Nath Engraved With The Groom’s Name

Nath engraved With Groom's NameIf you want to admire your groom and embrace your love for him then you can opt for nath designs engraved with the groom’s name. This nath design is so unique and fashionable. This never-seen-before nath design looks mesmerising and speaks a lot about your gushing love. You can blend this style of nath with polki design or pearl studs to give it a more royal look. A traditional elegance with modern flair, this is what modern brides are here for.

Vintage Nath 

Vintage NathHeirloom jewellery has a certain startling beauty to it. Vintage nath not only represent the charm of the past but also reflects distinctive patterns and settings. A Mughal-inspired nath is truly a unique nath. Attached with pearls and an intricate design, this nath counts as one of the most stunning pieces of vintage nath. Slay your big day with the vintage charm. 

Marathi Nath 

Marathi NathAs we are on the topic of nath designs, how can we forget to discuss Marathi-style nath. Marathis are the ones who adorn a beautiful nath on every special occasion. The fact that Marathi nath don’t come with a string makes them much more special and easy to wear. They look best in gold nath design. You can style a simple one with your bridal saree or you can opt for a statement one to make the heads turn.