Shh!! Unravelling 7 Zones Of Pleasure

7 Zones Of Pleasure - Wedding Affair

Do you think life is all about foreplay and reaching climax? Wait until you find these seven caves of pleasure.

I sat on our sofa, legs stretched on the table, laptop resting on my lap, engrossed in reading. My husband Dave was still enjoying his evening shower while I was engrossed in the perfect opportunity to bring my wild fantasies to life — hidden pivots of arousal waiting for unfurling.

We have been married for over a year, and our bedroom has its limitations. I wish to break free from them and spice up things, but I am too shy to ask for anything. So, I usually quench my thirst by reading fiction and taking things into my own hands. During an earlier reading session this week, one link led to another, and I eventually discovered the secret zones of pleasure (I believe karma had it coming for me). I knew I had to try them; I had to broadcast them to Dave — introverts have a pleasure chest too. I continued reading my last bookmark this evening. My interest deepened, and the urge to use my fingers grew. I tip-toed to check on my Dave and found him still showering. I hurtled to the couch and repositioned the laptop on my lap. Fingers found their way beneath the fabric of my shorts. I was so engrossed in reading and enjoying myself that I didn’t realise he had entered the room until I sensed him breathing close to my head. “Hey! I was reading that too.” he said with a smirk. I felt the heat rush to my cheeks as I realised I had just been caught in the act. His breath still pounding against my neck; I knew I wanted him inside me. Flustered and at a loss for words, I kept breathing. My eyes widened as he tilted his head, getting closer to my ears, and whispered, “Let’s do this”. I felt a shiver run down my spine. I nodded triumphed, yet too stunned to speak but still wanting to explore my fantasies. He took the laptop off my lap and positioned my legs on the sofa before him. My love began caressing the skin on my calves and kissing my knees. The drama slipped to my feet; why weren’t they ticklish anymore? His fingers felt different, and his touch lastingly sensuous. He took my right foot in his hands and started moving his fingers up and down, chafing his fingertips between my toes. A sharp sensation shot up the back of my legs and into my pelvis each time. I could feel my south twitch and a rush of feeling grind rising. He moved his focus and placed his thumb on a point near the left side of my ankle. My emotions intensified and exhales became louder. I attempted to cover my mouth, but before my hands could win the situation, he had seized charge of the situation. He gripped both of my forearms while gazing intently into my eyes; his usual brown orbs appeared darker than usual. “Isn’t it a little late to be shying out of this” Dave said with a husky voice. I gulped my words and nodded, slightly turning my face away, breaking the gaze. He let go of my hands, held my chin, and made me face back to him and then, in a split second, he smashed his lips onto mine. The kiss expedited into a passionate make-out. My hands moved down to his arms and I began painting my fingers down from his shoulders, screeching just before I reached his elbows. As I drew him nearer, I could nearly feel his clothed crotch dry-humping me in a war of muscle-tense with my touch. My lips slid to the side of his arms as I broke off the kiss, keeping my mouth open as he continued his movements down there. He lifted his gaze to meet my eyes and the bedroom was calling en masse.

Zones Of Pleasure I don’t remember the transition. He gave me a pinch at the apple cheeks, making me open my mouth just to shove his tongue inside. I jumped at the signal, encircling his waist with my legs as I did so. As we moved to the bedroom, our tongues battled for dominance. He positioned us on the bed and turned me so that my back was facing him. I feel his hot breath near my nape and felt him leave a soft peck. He started to leave a trail of sloppy kisses descending my spine. I squirmed under his hot-hotter breath. My impatience heightened with every kiss while he gave me no space for movements. He curtly halted the kisses and hauled me towards him as my back brushed against his fully hardened member. Impatience now became mutual, and there was nothing left as fabric between us — we were one, him inside me. I took support off the headboard and buried my face in the pillow as I felt him stretching my walls. The pain turned into pleasure as we picked our pace. My muffled moans and his grunting filled our immersed souls. Dave placed his hands flat on my lower back, applying pressure while holding us steady. The thrusts became more careless. He abruptly withdrew himself. Sexually frustrated, I sat back up to face him. He laid back on the bed with his eyes focused on his member. My tongue now catalysed the twitch. I then took the lolly inside my mouth, sucking onto his shaft while my fingers stroked his length. I looked at him and saw his mouth agape. Enjoying my view, I took my chance and kept sucking onto his precious just beneath the balls, adding pressure whenever I felt masterly. Then, for the first time, I heard Dave moan as I felt his runny oozing out of him. I was pushed back onto the bed as he held my wrists. “I don’t think I’ll last long now,” and slammed Dave while reaching inside of me without a warning. I let out a tiny scream of ecstasy as he increased his pace. He held my wrist above my head, restraining me from touching him. Usually, I like touching his body or bringing him closer to me, but the restraints excited me today. I feel his muscles flexing as his thrusts got deeper and harder. I felt myself getting close as I looked at him with pleading eyes to release my abraded wrists. I wanted to satisfy myself while our bodies clashed for space. He brought his face closer to my ear are started to bite, suck, lick and nibble on my earlobes. I felt his every bead of sweat trickle down my body. It was time. Shaking breaths, holding hands, we looked at each other and smiled. I closed my eyes and completely lose my wild self. I felt him kiss my forehead and snuggle his face into my neck. We had lost ourselves for the night. We had traversed from my book into deep nirvana.