Unusual Sex Positions you ought to try


Why stand out when you can fit, unusually.

The Spider

Pretty much like the name suggests: You and your partner sit down with your legs open and knees up, feet flat on the bed and hand behind you. Think of the bridge position in yoga, but with your backs laid straight on the bed. The male partner will have to lift their pelvis in order to penetrate. You can also hold each others’ hands to create a balance while bonding.

Fitness Friends

The reason why position is called Fitness Friends is because it looks like you’re doing an assisted leg lift. You lie on your side with one leg up, on your partners shoulder while they sit on their knees, straddling your bottom leg, and penetrating while you balance your ankle on their shoulder.

Naughty T

So, this one is alphabetically sexy as the name suggests Naughty ‘T’. The female partner lies on her back with feet flat and legs open and the male partner lies horizontal under your legs, forming a T shape. We just hope you get this one ‘T’ackled.

The Burning Man

Every sex is passionate but this position will ignite burning passion in couples who try it and so it is not named burning just for saying. To perform this you will need a table, the female is going to face towards the table while the man is behind her.. Imagination ignited? Next, lean over the table while resting your stomach on it and feet still touching the ground. Allow your man to enter from behind while facing you. What makes this position so hot is the position itself, there is no place to move or shift because your legs are your only support and the rest of the body is surrendered.

Standing 69 (For the flexible ones)

Shaking up the classics a bit, one of the partners stands straight on the floor and the other goes into a handstand while the other supports them. This will land you both in a position where your naughty bits meet. This position can be practiced for a shorter duration before all the blood rushes to your head. This position can be a challenging one for the high spirited couples. And once you’re able to do it you can should in glad, “we did it.”

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