Up Your Fashion Game As You Quarantine

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So you’ve been feeling a little worked out during this quarantine period, eh? Well, fret not! We have ideas. Ideas with which you can make your quarantine a bit more bearable. Apart from trying out all the games, activities, movies and TV shows on the internet, you still need something new to cheer you up. And you must stay in a better mood to accomplish your daily tasks a bit more productively. Wedding Affair’s solution for you — Dress Up! Well, go along then. Take a look at the list of ways in which you can up your fashion game while sitting at home.

Dress Up For Office Video Meetings


Yes! That way you stay motivated and mentally ready for the task at hand while attending the office meetings. Plus, a fresh change from your regular PJs! Yay! To get ready in your formals, you’d also need to iron them and keep them ready beforehand which will help you stay motivated, again!

Colour Coordinate Your PJs

This is cute! If you wear colour coordinated PJs, you’ll feel fresher than ever. Let the cute pairs be your refreshing change from the mundane house clothes. Also, certain colours are said to calm your senses. So try colours like whites, mints, and pastels.

Succumb To Logomania

Elle Portugal

Take out your expensive loungewear because now is the time. Lift up your spirits as you look nothing less than perfect in your stylish logo-coordinated clothes. Click some pictures and use social media to show off your new-found stylish self. This way you’re ready to look street-style maestro sitting at home.

Dress Up For Dinners, Weekly

Now that you’re unable to make your regular visits to your favourite restaurants and cafes, you might just cook yourself a fancy meal every once in a while. While you’re at it, might as well just dress for it. Coz why not? Giving up your social life for a while doesn’t mean you’ve to give up your little treats altogether. If you’re living with your partner, all the better. Spend some romantic time while you indulge in candle-lit dinners.


Jamie Johnston

Use stylish hairpins, hairbands and scrunchies to accentuate your looks. Wear stylish glasses to keep your fashion game on point.


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