Using personal time for self-development


The work-from-home days may or may not have left us with a fair amount of undisturbed time. While many of us literally indulged in various activities such as cooking, cleaning, playing, exercising etc. There are still quite a few who might still be struggling with unpleasant feelings. Making use of your personal time well can help you feel better. You can make use of this time to do a lot of things that enhance your personality. Wedding Affair shares a few ways to utilise the personal time for your self-development.

Building self-esteem

Many of us since years have struggled with self-esteem issues. You can make use of this time to build up your confidence. Confidence is a necessary skill which makes the transition through various phases of life easier. Building confidence is not a one-day thing. It takes immense time and daily practice to become a confident version of yourself. Developing skills like confidence and resilience and help you get through life as if it were a cakewalk. Quarantine time can be used to building these key life skills.

Setting goals

So, if you want to find time to work on your professional development, the first question is – where to start? Naturally, embarking on a journey of self-improvement is never simple. The beginning is often the most difficult part. However, in this case, the most important thing is having a very clear set of goals. If you’re unsure of what you want from the start, start from a very simple question: why are you doing this? 

It is okay to feel

Learn to be comfortable to feel all your emotions, be it positive or negative.  Many individuals try to evade negative emotions and only try to maximise the happy ones. This is not a healthy habit. One needs to learn how to be okay with the feeling of sadness and distress as well. Learn to be an empathetic individual not just for others but for yourself also. Feel the negative emotions that come to you and then let it go. You will come out with an emotionally balanced person in the end.

Create spaces to think

If you don’t have a minute to yourself at work, you can wait to go home to start thinking about your development. Whether it’s in the evening or during the weekend, or even on vacation, try spending some quality time on your own to start what you can’t do at work. Your personal life might be also quite busy, especially if you have kids. In this case, I would recommend taking one or two half-days off here and there, when the kids are in school, to be able to sit at a table and kick-off your development plan.

Develop your hobby

If you’re like most working adults, you probably struggle to make time for all the concerts, art festivals, and hobby workshops you’re interested in. Use your time off to rekindle a creative interest, catch up on your favourite music, or take up a new hobby. Before your break starts, put together an events calendar. Don’t overschedule yourself, but try to put one creative event on the calendar each day, even if it’s just cooking a meal from scratch.

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