Valentine’s Day Special: 5 Promises To Strengthen Your Relationship


Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the love of your life. While couples do an array of things to make their partners feel special, usually it restrained to the cliched gifting and dinner dates. In order to make it special for your partner, make meaningful promises to them so as to make your partner feel more loved. While all the ladies would love their partners to express in words, they usually remain tight-lipped when it comes to conveying their love in words. Wedding Affair shares the 5 promises that will strengthen your relationship. 

1. I promise to listen.


Being a good listener equals being a mindful lover. Make your partner the promise of being a good listener to all their troublesome days. 

2. I promise to work as a team.


All strong and happy couples are a good team. They never let anything or anyone come between them. They work together and help build the relationship into something beautiful. Make a promise to work as a team for the benefit of the relationship. 

3. I promise to celebrate you every single day.

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Valentine’s day is not a one-day thing. You simply cannot show your love a single day. In order to keep the relationship content and happy, you ought to celebrate your partner every day.

4. I promise to care about you.


This Valentine’s day promise to your partner that you will look after them well and that you will be there when they need you. 

5. I promise to keep you happy.


Last but not the least, make a promise to keep your partner happy at all times. Even if you can’t actually do it, your partner is going to appreciate the intention. 


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