Valentine’s Day Special: Top 5 Ways To Be Kiss Ready


It’s Valentine’s week and you ought to be prepared for some naughty and cute surprises from your partner! Romance is in the air and you never really know when the moment takes on. Don’t let anything come in the way of your romance and be prepared early on to the tee. There are things you can do to make your romantic moments extra special. Let the passion flow relentlessly, after all, it is Valentine’s week. Kiss your partner and let them know how much they mean to you. Wedding Affair shares the top 5 ways to be kiss ready. 

1. Keep A Lip Balm Handy


Ask anyone in the world and they will tell you that kissing dry or chapped lips is no fun. Keep your lips moist and well hydrated to experience the perfect kiss.

2. Keep Mints

Keeping a pack of mints in your packet is going to be of a lot of help. While your partner leans in to kiss you, make sure your mouth smells fresh. 

3. Drink More Water


Yes, lip balms are a great reliever to chapped lips but if you want to ensure that your lips remain supple throughout then drink lots of water. 

4. Don’t overdo the makeup


Don’t overdo your makeup and lipstick. No one wants to kiss a face that is covered with layers of makeup. Keep it simple and elegant. 

5. Avoid Smelly Food


There are food that you must avoid eating, especially if you are likely to kiss your partner during the particular day. Avoid eating onion and garlic in particular.  


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