Valentine’s Day Special: Unique Gifts Other Than Red Roses On Rose Day!


Couples usually gift a red rose to their partners as a token of love. A red rose stands as a symbol of love and affection. Gifts are a reflection of your love towards your partner and it also shows how much you know your partner. Studies suggest partners who offer valuable gifts to their partners also better understand them. While gifting a red rose on Rose day is more than a cliched idea, fortunately, that isn’t the only ideal gift for the day. Wedding Affair shares the 5 unique gifts other than red roses to gift your partner on Rose Day. 

1. Candles


A classic set of fragrant candles is an exceptional gift to be presented to your partner. Candles can easily add a romantic vibe to your date as well.

2. Watch


A personalised watch is also a thoughtful gift. Make sure you write a meaningful message for your partner.

3. Perfume

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With a dainty bottle of perfume as a gift, you can never really go wrong. All you need to take care of is to pick the right fragrance. 

4. Love Notes

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To make it special for your partner, leave love notes for your partner. This is an extraordinary way to show how much they mean to you. 

5. Red Wine


A bottle of red wine will be an exquisite gift for your valentine. If your partner is high-maintenance, this shall be the ideal Valentine’s day gift for them. 


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