Versatile Jewellery Pieces for The Minimalist in You


Jewellery is something that is timeless and can be used to dress up or dress down any outfit possible. It gives your attire a personality and can make any boring outfit interesting.

But, many people don’t like maximalist or elaborate jewellery. Minimalist jewellery is quite versatile and can go with any outfit. It makes you look sophisticated, classy, and quite expensive without much effort or cost. Furthermore, this kind of jewellery comes in classic colors- gold, silver, and rose gold which complements every outfit.

Give below are some of the jewellery pieces which can go with any outfit and are not very gaudy.

    • Chain Me

Chains are a quintessential jewellery item that can be found in almost every girl’s jewellery collection. These look dainty, charming, and quite flattering on every person. Chains come in different varieties from links to snake-like, you can find every type of chain in the market. Another advantage of chains is that they can be layered with other neckpieces and can also be worn with a pendant.

Chains can be layered with other jewellery pieces
    • Hula these Hoops

Hoops are the kind of earrings that every girl likes. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be worn with any attire- from party to office. Hoops are charming and feminine with a hint of playfulness in them. These last a long time and are always in vogue.

Hoops come in various sizes and styles
    • Studs

Stud earrings are great for professional wear. They look very sophisticated and classy. Studs come in various shapes and sizes and are quite convenient to wear on a daily basis. They are also a great gifting option as these can match everyone’s jewellery aesthetic.

Studs look very sophisticated
    • Brace yourself

Bracelets are another jewellery piece that looks great on any person and instantly elevates the outfit. These are also very versatile and can be paired with other bracelets and watches as well. Bracelets come in different varieties in the market like Y2K -inspired bracelets, metal/chain bracelets, crystal bracelets, etc.

Bracelets are very stylish
    • Put a Ring on it!

Rings are loved by all. They are very dainty looking and feminine, without being too much maximalist. Rings can be easily paired with any type of outfit. In fact, stackable rings are in trend these days and people like to wear multiple rings on their fingers. You can mix and match different types of rings to wear with an out and thus elevating your overall look.

Stackable rings are in vogue

The above-mentioned jewellery pieces are the perfect examples of “less is more”. These will satisfy your minimalist soul and will also look good every time you wear them. You will be glad to invest in these in the future and will always end up styling these in different ways with your outfits.

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