Video invite ideas that are quirky

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Annie Gray

While you have literally dug the internet to get your hands on the latest wedding decor ideas. Or the trendiest bridal fashion tales for your wedding. One aspect that is most likely to slip out of your attention are the wedding invites. Super cool and different ideas to get inspired from, be it a traditional physical invite, video invites, fun e-invites are always on the run. But what we have not talked much about is the latest trend of the super adorable wedding video invites that should not be missed out at all.

While with the depreciating values of traditional arrangements of a real wedlock. Coronavirus pandemic has gradually shifted the mood to the world of virtual weddings. Where virtual weddings are the new normal engulfing wedding styles and trends. As a result, it is for sure that digital wedding invitations are going to pop up the colourful fun with more delight and ecstasy. Wedding videos invite are a fun, quirky and super creative way to announce your special day. Or to tell your guests to save the date through narrating them your beautiful journey as a couple. Check out below some different videos ideas that can be a real inspiration for the lovely to-be couples.

Countdown & Caricatures

A countdown video invite is a perfect way to let your loved ones know that the wedding shenanigans are about to begin. Hence, a wedding invite video with a touch of peppery feel that will drop the bomb with amusement. The reverse countdown is a cool way to heat up the virtual wedding space with a clandestine feel. Since, the effort will raise curiosity till the end and your guests will finally come to know that you are going to get tied in the nuptial knot. 

Wedding Invite
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You can get your caricatures made that look exactly like you and your bae. This is a cute method to make memories with your bae. And share them with your loved ones before commencing a responsible journey. Before taking the vows and being a new version of yourself along with your partner. You can even create a series of caricatures depicting how you met your partner. How was your first conversation. How you both fell in love. How you both created sweet little memories over the years. How you both included your respective families in your beautiful journey. Finally how you want your guests to be a part of that journey showering blessings and love. 

Bring Some Animation

Animated wedding invitation video with creative and funky couple doodling invites for their wedding is another exciting way. Well! Animations are a great medium of communication because the voice over, the actions, the movements, the change of the backgrounds. In your wedding videos invite will connect the notions of your dear ones automatically at a faster and stronger pace. Hence,they will relate their feelings with your journey better and will become super excited to be a part of your wedlock. 

Save The Date animated wedding announcements are too cute to handle! This “Saving The Date” highlight can be a cute part of the voyage of your wedding invites. Merrily making connections with others. This works as a fabulous reminder for your guests as they will take initiative to prepare for your big day with gorgeous outfits.

Wedding Invite

Spritz Some Colours

Innovative and colourful invites are always precious for your guests making them super happy and excited. Without the spill of bright hues. The pulchritude of an Indian wedding stands nowhere. Including traditional designs such as barfi shapes, symbols of swastika, ganesha, Hindu gods and goddesses, paisley motifs, patterns, floral prints, etc. with colours magnifying the splendour of Indian weddings and keeping things jovial in the forefront is a basic beauty of Indian Wedding Invites. Henceforth, one must keep this in mind to please the Indian families and welcome them wholeheartedly for the big day. 

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