Vinod Channa’s list of Best Weight Loss Workouts



Winter is here! While the season of layering is knocking on the door, do not forget to sweat out the extra calories you are munching and drinking from that cinnamon loaded desert or huge mug of hot chocolate. We got talking to India’s no. 1 celebrity fitness expert, to dig out the secrets behind the amazing bod our superstars maintain. Here’s an exclusive interview by Vinod Channa for the fitness freaks.

What are the most effective ways to lose abdominal obesity?

There is no spot reduction in workout, if you workout you burn calories from all over the body, irrespective of any spot or body part. Select the workout in which you burn maximum calories. Working out on bigger muscle like Legs and back, adding endurance training to it which will help you to burn abdominal fat faster compare to just doing only Abdominal exercises.


    Vinod Channa with John Abraham

Along with it, nutrition plays most important role. If you are working out and not following  a strict diet, you will not get good fat loss results. Fat loss depends on right nutrition.

The most effective exercises or workout to tone up the thighs?

The right way is performing Squat. While doing squats Quadriceps, Hips and Core muscle should get contracted with knee extension. Same lunges, step up, squat and jump, squat hold, these are very good exercises for thighs.

The most effective exercises or workout to tone the arms?  

For Arms, we have 3 exercises, Bicep, Triceps and forearm exercises should include in your workout routine. All these 3 muscle exercises, involved together, gives good toning results.

  • Bicep curl is good for Bicep.
  • Triceps push down is good for Triceps.
  • Hammer curl is good for Forearms.

The most effective exercises or workout to lose fat from the upper back?

Back is a biggest muscle which will help you to lose overall fat.

  1. Bent over d/b OR barbell row
  2. Pull ups
  3. Single hand row
  4. Shrugs

These are very good exercises for back and upper back. For lower back, Dead lift OR Cattle bell swings OR the safest is Superman poses and Chakrasana.