Want to go paper-free? Here are some eco-friendly wedding invite ideas


If you are one of those who don’t want any plastic materials to be part of their wedding, don’t want to waste flowers or foods, then there is a surprising option for you to arrange your big day on a grand level without damaging the environment. The term is called eco-friendly wedding which has currently stolen all the spotlight of would-be brides and grooms. This style of wedding is not only cost-effective but also protects the environment from harmful stuff. There are various ways to incorporate the concept of eco-friendly wedding in your big day and one of the easiest ones is eco-friendly wedding invite.

Plantable Seed Paper Wedding Invitation

You can also opt for unique and innovative eco-friendly seed paper invitations. These invitations are designed to reduce waste and spread beauty through their biodegradable seed paper made from post-consumer material. After planted and cared for, your sustainable wedding invite will grow into wildflowers or herbs.


Organic Coloured Invites

If you don’t want chemical colours on your biodegradable wedding invites, there are invitation cards that use natural colours extracted from flowers and vegetables.

Recyclable Paper Invites

Try to use recycled paper for invitations, which means no trees will be cut down in the process. One effort, one step can help us shape a greener better tomorrow.


Email and E-Invites

We encourage couples to save paper and send e-mail invitations. The beautiful wedding invitation templates featuring elegant designs will make your wedding invite more expressive and impressive. By sending e-mail invitations couples will make an eco-friendly choice to save trees by going paper-free. This one is the most-efficient, time-saving way to invite people to your wedding without hassles.

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