Warning signs to look out for in a relationship

Warning signs

Everything is hunky-dory in the beginning, there is romance in the air and sparks fly whenever you two meet. But as time passes, you can’t help but feel that something isn’t quite right. You two don’t get each other anymore and the sparks have sadly, gone. We know that ending a relationship is a tough task. Your partner has become a part of your life and you have become used to having them around all the time. But if it’s not working out between the two of you, it is best to call it quits as it might be that your relationship is doomed. Look out for these signs to know if your relationship is over.

You resent each other

You dread spending time with them and find excuses to avoid them. You would any day prefer spending time with your family or friends instead of them. There is this deep resentment that you two have for each other and this is a sure shot sign that the relationship is doomed.

warning signs

You are bored 

The sparks have gone. You feel bored and stuck in a rut. The excitement that you used to feel while meeting them has vanished and you can’t remember the last time they made your heart skip a beat.

Lack of support

Be it for your hobbies, your passion or your job, there is no support whatsoever. If it feels like they hardly care and couldn’t be less bothered about your interests, then it is a sign that your relationship is over.

warning signs

There is no communication

You two simply don’t talk the way you used to, be it about your day or the feelings. There is hardly any communication and none of you is bothered enough to make the effort to talk it out.

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