5 ways to oomph up your Sex Life


Sex is a bedroom ritual for the married couples. It is sure to run-of-the-mill after a certain course of time. Life is too short to have a sullen sex life. Here are some ways to add spark to your otherwise boring bedroom rituals.

1. Get Kinky

Step in the naughty shoes and have some chill scenes with your partner. Spanking and grabbing your partner’s ass, biting their shoulder or neck or ears can turn things steamy. Gesticulate your naughty intentions to give your partner a hint of how badly you crave getting your hands on them. Show them it’s time to get the condom out of the box.

2. Butt Bang

There is a lot of stigma around the term ‘anal sex’ for no particular reason. It totally depends on how you want to go by it. Butt sex is not practiced as legitimately as sex. However, it can add some spunk to your daily sex routine if done rightly and willfully. There is no harm in exploring your sexual desires to bits. Here are a few quick tips for beginners:
• Foreplay is must
• Don’t forget protection
• Use lots of lubrication
• Explore a comfortable position
• Work it slow

3. Dominate Each Other

Dominating while making love, can sometimes be offensive. Hands down to your sexual desires—they at times can make you cross your limits. Sometimes getting your darkest desires fulfilled by the one you love is manna from heaven. Talk mutually about how your partner would like to dominate you. Share your desires too and make an effort to fulfill their sexual desires. The effort you put in making your partner feel special and wanted is kind of sexy. Feel lucky at the same time that your partner is open to experiment new variations while love-making.

4. Make Mornings Cheeky

To make your mornings unusual and the rest of the day pro-active, wake each other up with a blow out. Most men love waking up to a blowjob and so do women. Morning sex is anyway a great way to start your day. You feel pumped up—in a quest to take over the world. And to have starting it with something as erotic as oral sex, will give you both naughty thoughts to fantasize about while you’re sitting in interminable meetings later in the day.

5. Sex Reflection

Try organizing a sex session in front of the mirror and see things turn hot in no minute. Having an ultimate sexual experience is not confined to mere fondling of erogenous zones, it is also closely linked with visual experiences. The encounter of sex in front of the mirror is a major turn-on in itself. Mirror sex will lead to having feel confident of your sexual desires and that of your partner. You are more vulnerable this way. Your expressions during this course of sex lets your partner have an absolute knowledge of your sex appetite.

Add these sexy hustling ways to your routine sex. See yourself discover an all new arena inside your bedroom.