Ways to avoid patchy makeup this winter wedding season


no matter how stunning your makeup is on your wedding day, the climate got or cold ends up having a great deal of effect on your look. Here we have listed a few makeup tips for a wedding so you can learn how to put a full stop to your makeup from getting patchy and dry.

Hosting an outdoor wedding or perhaps attending one this winter season? Well, brace yourself and prepare yourself for the chilly winds that await you , make sure to check in on your makeup to avoid any patchy mishaps .

Moisturize your skin

Redness and dullness are two of the most recurring things that happen to the best of us. One of the most important winter bridal makeup tips includes keeping your skin hydrated. Winter robs your skin of moisture and dry skin will make any kind of makeup look flaky. You can never have enough water but more than that; apply a moisturizer generously on your face every time you wash it and before applying makeup. Apply skin-renewal night cream before going off to bed. This will keep the skin hydrated and moisturized throughout the night and you will wake up to a supple cream the next day.

Pick the right primer 

Always opt for a hydrating primer during winter months. Also you must use a primer that is most suited to your skin type.  Since primer helps your makeup stay on for longer, sit better, and hold up through any weather condition, picking the right one is key. Using a hydrating primer will make your skin pearly white and silky smooth at the same time. You can also go for a silicon-based foundation and primer and switch to a powder based makeup product as they work wonderfully well in the adverse climate.

Apply cream-based make up

Go for a combination of powder and cream-based makeup as it will keep your skin moist throughout the day. Also, touch-ups are easier to do in a cream-based makeup. Cream-based eye shadow, blusher, foundation, and liquid highlighters are easier to apply on the face during winters. You can also add serums to your makeup for a dewy look.

Use waterproof make up

You need waterproof makeup in all seasons, unlike the myth that you need it only to protect your makeup from sweat in the summer months. Cold harsh winds and even smoke during wedding rituals might make you teary-eyed. After, no brides would want their face to get covered with running mascara and smudged blush and kohl.