Ways to Catch your partner red-handed in his trap of lies


We know that heartbreaks are quite awful, especially with the ones you thought you would end up with. But we have to be practical and take some actions if we sense something fishy in our partner’s behavior. Listed below are two points each to figure out a way to catch your partner cheating and instances from which you can sense his disloyalty.

Ways to sense that he/she is cheating

They’re constantly lying


Being truthful with your partner is a must in any relationship as it shows that there is trust in the relationship. But when that trust is broken all bets are off. One of the major reasons to believe that your partner is unfaithful can be the fact that they’re always lying about who they meet or where they go. In this case, you won’t know who your partner meets and the reason for lying may be due to the fact that he/she wants you to know about a certain someone.

Problems with intimacy

In any loving relationship, both partners are completely comfortable with each other and have no problem with being intimate with their partner. During the intimacy, you can always tell if your partner is not feeling it or they’re not in the mood. It’s okay if they’re not in the mood sometimes but it is a problem if they’re constantly not in the mood. When there are such problems with intimacy that might mean your partner is interested in someone else.

Ways to catch them cheating

“Surprise” them

Well, boys can be tricky, right? But sometimes they think that they’re too smart and that’s where they are wrong. While we discuss a few ways to catch your beau red-handed then the next one would be to “surprise” him. And by “surprise”, we mean that you can show up anywhere announced just to see his reaction and catch him in his own lie. Make sure that he’s unaware of your arrival just to execute the plan.

Be pointy with questions

heart break

Usually, it’s not a great idea to corner your partner about questions, but once you’re doubting his loyalty then you should definitely shower him with pointed questions. Make sure to be smart enough to frame your questions just so that you can find clues in his answers themselves. This way he might feel nervous and blurt out the truth himself. So just play the corner card smartly to get all the answers to your questions.

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