Ways to increase happiness at work and home


Improving happiness is a challenging task these days, but it can be done. Cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness interventions, and resiliency trainings are most effective at increasing happiness. Ergonomic, environmental, and physical activity interventions also show promise. Wedding Affair brings to you six ways to enhance happiness at work and home.

Psychological Interventions

Mindfulness trainings, as well as cognitive-behavioral trainings and resiliency trainings, increased people’s well-being. An 8-week mindfulness training increased both job satisfaction and life satisfaction among teachers. An 8-week training of work-family balance coping skills and positive parenting skills increased job satisfaction. A 5-week resiliency training program increased people’s sense of purpose and job satisfaction.


Physical Activity Interventions

Physical activity programs—such as yoga, walking programs, light resistance training, and others—generally showed a modest positive effect on people’s happiness. A combination of muscle relaxation, strengthening, coordination, and flexibility exercises, as well as a yoga intervention and aerobic and weight-training can help a lot.

Environmental Interventions

Improving workplace dynamics—such as improving team communication or conducting manager trainings—showed modest beneficial effects on well-being.

Ergonomics Interventions

The results of postural trainings—such as sitting, standing, and walking exercises—on people’s happiness levels were inconsistent. An ergonomics training course improved job satisfaction and happiness.


Multi-component Interventions

Single-component interventions may be more effective than multi-component interventions. A minimal effects of a 12-week program focusing on physical activity, psychological coping, and stress management on people’s levels of life satisfaction and job satisfaction.


Other interventions such as emotion-oriented care-giving and music therapy were shown to increase life satisfaction and job satisfaction. Another intervention that provided fresh fruit in the workplace for a period of 12-weeks was not shown to increase job satisfaction and happiness.

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