Ways To Pamper The Groom Before The D-day


Wedding preparations start months before the wedding day but preparations start in full swing just weeks before. All this work and running around can take a toll not just on the family members but on the bride and groom as well. To look and feel refreshed, the couple needs to be in the best of mental state which cannot be attained if both are tired and stressed. 

The bride’s pre-wedding pampering starts almost a month before the actual date with regular spa sessions, facials, mani-pedi, etc. to bring out that bridal glow. But let’s not neglect the groom. He needs to glow too as it is his special day as well and he should look as fresh and glowy as the bride. After all, we all want those perfect photographs.

We bring you ways to pamper the groom and make him feel special before the big day. 

Massage away your worries

Wedding preparations are exhausting. With everyone running around; for the venue decor to the gifts for relatives to the pre-wedding functions to the dance practice for the sangeet, there’s not a single moment to relax. In between all this, what could be a better way to rejuvenate yourself than a day at the spa. Let the groom massage away his worries to the fresh aromatic candles, scented oils and hot towels along with some calming music for that perfect D-day glow. 

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Romance your way out

Amidst all the chaos, the couple might not get the desired time with each other. Ladies, it’s time for you to step up and pamper your man. An intimate candlelight dinner at your favourite eatery or a weekend getaway might be what you need. Express your feelings to each other about the wedding, getting cold feet, etc. Also, talk about things apart from the wedding and show your love to each other.

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Food is the way to go

As the saying goes, the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Then why not order his favourite food and let him gorge on those scrumptious gulab jamuns or a flavourful plate of Biryani with raita or his favourite pad thai noodles. As you know already, a happy stomach means a happy man.

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The Shaving Kit

No one likes an improper beard as it makes you look shabby and ungroomed. Gift the groom a trimming kit. After all who doesn’t like to be all prim and proper on their most memorable days. Not only will it keep him covered for the functions, but also after marriage.

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