Ways To Please Your Man In Bed

Ways To Please Your Man In Bed - Wedding Affair

It is generally believed that men crave physical intimacy more than females, even though females have a higher sexual drive. There is a possible explanation for this, and that is that usually, men have to do all the work while the females just change positions. Despite the fact that men never complain about it, female partners feel the need to please their men and usually think about how to satisfy a man in bed. Worry no more! From the desk of Wedding Affair, we present you with ways to satisfy your man in bed that will leave him lusting for you and make him feel sexually unwanted.

Surprise Him With A Role-Play

Role Play SexThere is no way to satisfy your man in bed when you’re ready for some role-play. There is absolutely no man who would not enjoy his woman wearing something slutty only to please him and see something that only he can see and touch. Role-playing is not a new concept and has been explored by many people thanks to adult films. However, every list that includes satisfying a man in bed goes unfinished without adding a bit of drama. Catch him off guard by dressing up as his favourite Marvel character or maybe a police officer. Plan your script beforehand, as words speak louder than action when it comes to role-playing.

Write Him A Fiction

Write Your Man A FictionThis idea is perfect for those couples out there who wish to read instead of watch. Reading adult fiction has gained popularity over the years. The text lets you into an imaginative world and allows you to react to the things that excite you the most, rather unlike adult films that are more or less artificial. Write him his personalized naughty fiction while he’s away from home. Create and story that includes his fantasies and all those kinks that you would want to recreate. Writing fiction is a surprising way if you’re wondering how to satisfy your man in bed, as in this manner, you can mold your story in the manner that you want. Be descriptive about what you would be wearing, where you would want him to touch you, where you would like to taste him and even things that hold an emotional aspect such as how you would be feeling. Use the words like kiss, peck, nibble, lick and leave him impatient wanting to ditch home and get back home with you. Alongside this, this is also suitable for couples that love to explore but are too shy to ask for it.

Tie Him Up And Let Him Watch

Tie Your Man SexDraw inspiration from the movie ‘365 Days’ to tie him up and let him watch as you touch yourself. If you are a girl pondering the question of how to satisfy your man in bed, this idea will leave him wanting to break free from the tie and show you who’s the dominant one. Grab and bring a chair next to the bed, tie his wrists to the arms of the chair, and let him watch as you undress and let your fingers play with your kitty. Keep your legs wide open in front of him and place your leg on his shoulder or lap, whatever feels comfortable and natural. Let him eye your body as your play with your fold or maybe grab the magic vibrating want as you moan his name over and over again. Enjoy pleasuring yourself and peek-a-boo at him watching your juices drip down. Just before you’re about to release, stop, open his ties and enjoy him ravishing you as you become a sub again.


Lap It Up Your ManIf you are a dancer and wonder how to satisfy your man in bed, look no further! Explore this ideal choice that will make your man lust for you. Bring your moves and grooves to use and give him a trip to your dirty dance while songs play in the background. Let him sit and relax while you move and swirl your hips around his crotch, or move around his chair as you softly graze your fingers across his chest and move to his back. Strip in front of his eyes and observe him breathe heavily. If you are up for an elaborate exploration, give him a motorboat and let him feel your soft bust against his face.

Send A GIF Touching Yourself

GIF Of Touching YourselfIn today’s world, we can’t really imagine having to text someone without using a GIF. Something as simple as these interchanging graphics has crept its roots deep into the texting culture and is a huge part of the reactions that we give out. On one end, where almost the entire world uses it as a source of fun and an expression of love, you can go to great heights with your innovation in the world of adult play. While you man is at work, doll up and pose for some self-portraits in form of GIFs. Play with your body, your curves, and your hair, and you might as well go over the board and touch or flash yourself out front and let the ’mini him’ crave you ever so more. If you are wondering how to satisfy your man in bed, with this idea you can when he comes home craving your body. By the time you send him variations, play with camera angles, zoom features, lighting, and go black and white for a dramatic appearance.