Revamp Your Old Wedding Outfit This Wedding Season


We all know that attires for Indian weddings can cost a bomb and we do not wish to repeat our outfits more than once. So, instead of spending money on a brand new wedding outfit, why not take your old outfit and make some impressive changes and voila, you have a completely new outfit. We are here with solutions that can revamp your old wedding outfits without it being heavy on the pocket.

1. Accessorise

As Giorgio Armani once said, “Accessories are important and becoming more and more important every day”. Hence, the kind of accessories that one wears can give a completely different look to their attire. They not only enhance the look but also defines a person’s personality. Wear eye-catching accessories with your outfit and let them do the talking. 


2. Saree all the way

Another really fun way to give a new twist to the outfit is to wear your saree as a lehenga. Pleat the entire saree and tuck it around your waist entirely so as to give the look of a lehenga. Match it with a choli and dupatta and you’re ready to rock the wedding function with your awesome drape. 

3. Customise the Dupatta

A major part of the Indian wedding ensemble is the Dupatta. Do away with your old dupatta and get a new, contrasting one that is bound to change the way that outfit looks. Use different print, texture, cloth, embroidery etc. and flaunt that gorgeous dupatta of yours. 


4. Mix and Match 

Mix and Match is the key to go. You can make the wedding attire look entirely different from the first time you wore it if you combine different things together. Awaken the designer in you and match up. It is an easy and efficient way to revamp your outfit without spending an exorbitant amount of money. 

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Now is the time, go and rock that wedding function with your glamorous attire.