Ways To Spend Quality Online Time With Your Friends


Astonishingly, for the worldwide web media-savvy and sagacious generation, it is reasonably trouble-free and plain sailing to get myopic with the technologically advanced medium. Given the vertiginous scale of the internet, there is so much to see, do and learn and yet most of us find ourselves running out on the same humdrum over and over again.


Though, we all are dreadfully struck with the heart-rending consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and are unable to do the social gatherings, we all can still work on re-directing that passive three-forum – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – consumed energy into something more productive and invigoratingly interesting online. So, turn off that Facebook window and that Instagram grid and consider these following recommendations to make the best use of the internet and feel productive. There is a lot more to the internet than egotistical indulgences.

  1. Pinterest

        Learn a new skill together with your friends as no skill ever goes squandered. Websites, like ‘MIT Open Course Ware’ and ‘Coursera’ are excellent sources of knowledge, providing free courses on numerous skill areas and topics.   

  2.     Check out popular websites like ‘Quora’ – a fun discussion community, ‘Life Hacker’ – a well of tips on how to get things done, ‘StumbleUpon’ – provides good recommendations on websites tallying your interests, ‘HowStuffWorks’ – just to become a little bit wiser about the things around you, or ‘Duolingo’ – a fun web to learn the basics of a new language.

  3.     Make a Skype Call instead of dropping a text message. Sometimes a hearty chat with your friends is all it takes to stay optimistic and enthusiastic.

  4.     Take a world tour with your friends on your respective desktops. ‘Google Street View’ is a super fun app to take a whistle-stop tour of any place in the world, literally, from the comforts of your bed.

  5.     In these days of super boredom, browse ‘Pinterest’ with your buddies looking for DIY tips and tricks or browsing through recipe pin boards. It is a fantastic platform for looking up to information on things of your interest – from food to fashion to fonts, etc.

  6.     Writing really does help get lucidity and intelligibility on your notions and at times, that is the only introspection you require. So, you can start blogging with your friends on a wide range of topics inclusive of varieties of languages, thoughts, issues and pictures.

  7.     Get creative and come up with a comedy skit, a commentary or maybe a short movie about an important or trending hot talk. Upload your video and share it among your friends. Maybe you can get recognised as the next viral hit.

  8.     Take a popular song and alter its lyrics to plunge fun or deride the authentic work in a healthy manner. This can be an entertaining activity in a group of your closest buddies.

  9.     Host a cinema trilogy marathon where your friends’ group can watch some of the best trilogies in one night, such as ‘Back to the Future’, ‘Star Wars’, etc.

  10.   Play the fun game ‘Would You Rather’ with your cool friends online by giving a friend two choices based on social media activities/challenges and asking which one he/she would do. The more freakish the choices, the more fun you will have surely. 

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