Wear your hair according to your face shape!

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Is your wedding already on the cards? Have you chosen your lehenga, hair style and dupatta? Surely, jewellery shopping would have been taken care of too. You must be giving several instructions repeatedly for venue, decorations and catering. Looks like you’ve taken care of everything, right? Well, you might be forgetting one extremely important detail — your hair style! While you must have booked your MUA and have even gone for a trial session, hair style is one thing that brides generally leave for the eleventh hour.

We try our best to make sure everything sail smoothly on our wedding day. Then, why choose your hair style mere hours before? After all, it is through those precious photographs, in which you’ll be starring as a ‘bride’, which will help you retain your memories of your wedding day. Let us tell you, not every hairstyle works best for every face shape. While one may highlight just the right angles of your face, some other might make your face look fat. Let’s discover the different hairstyle you can choose that will flatter your face shape.

Round Face

Round faces are most common and challenging to work with. Probabilities are very high that you might end up looking plump if you have a round face.  To avoid being in a situation like this one, avoid super straight or sleek updos at any cost as they tend to make your face appear even rounder. Don’t bind your hair too tight or flat as it will make you face seem chubbier. Go for a look that will add length to your face shape. You can opt for side swept long fringe with loose curls framing your face. If you are covering your head, make sure to keep some volume under the dupatta.   

Square Face

Square faces look edgy with prominent jaw line and chiseled cheekbones. Though, these are said to be the best shape to age with. The goal is just to add some softness into the mix. Your best bet is to work with texture, waves and curls. In most cases, middle parting doesn’t look very flattering as it brings out the sharpness in the jawline.  Try a side parting instead. It will break the width of the face. A lower fringe unto your eyebrows, either side-swept or straight looks good. 

Oval Face

This face shape is highly versatile in nature. The aim with an oval/long face is to add some width to it to make it seem appropriately rounded. To achieve this, you can create an updo in the middle of the crown area or to one side. With a long face, blunt fringes work really well.  

Heart (Inverted Triangle) Face

Heart shaped faces are pretty easy to work with. Try and leave some loose curls framing your face. It will add width to pointed jaw and chin and highlight your cheekbones. 

Diamond Face

Avoid wearing your hair style like a too tight – too high bun. What will work best for you would be loose curls. If you really want to tie your hair in a bun, make sure to leave a few strands of hair (soft waves or curls) at both the sides of your face. This will act like a frame for your face cutting the sharpness of your jaw line.

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