Wedding cake inspiration, anyone?

wedding cake

Wedding cakes have emerged as the ultimate show stealers of wedding ceremonies. Who wouldn’t want a multi-tiered and extremely delicate cake to top their wedding up? Bakers and pastry chefs spend hours and days designing the perfect wedding cake for couples who want specific designs. And mind you, these aren’t just visual delights, but scrumptious and lovely to eat as well. Hence, it only makes sense to get a wedding cake that especially signifies the love and eccentricity of the couple tying the knot.

Are you confused, as to what kind of cake you must get for your wedding? Fret not. Wedding Affair has accumulated the perfect mood board for your wedding cake. Take inspiration from the celebrity wedding cakes for your dreamy affair.

Six-Tier Goodness

The towering six-tier wedding cake was easily the scene-stealer at their wedding. Luxuriously decorated, the cake resembled a fondant-covered ‘ivory tower’, in continuation of the fairy tale theme of the wedding. Furthermore, the cake was accentuated generously with gold. Also, it has been reported that the royal cake was created by chefs flown in by Jonas from Dubai and Kuwait. Thanks to Instagram, we see the pair cutting into the monster cake with a knife, oh wait, it’s a sword. (Souce: Livingfoodz)wedding cake

Add Macarons

Sonam’s closest family and friends were in attendance too of course. The couple cut a fashionable and truly stunning multi-tiered reception cake to ring in their new life. Therefore, we just can’t get over the beauty and artfulness of this six-tier tall cake. Celebrity pastry chef Pooja Dhingra created this wonder. She is one of Sonam Kapoor’s closest friends. (Source: NDTV)

White and Ivory

We all know the Modern Family actress has a super sweet tooth, so it’s no surprise that her wedding cake from their Sunday night reception was out-of-control amazing. Celebrity cake baker Sylvia Weinstock designed this dessert to match the decadent venue. Hence, the cake was a five-layer masterpiece with a delicate and quilted design and white and ivory flowers spilling over each tier. This cake designer isn’t popular to be the “queen of cakes” for nothing! (Source: The Knot)

Royal wedding cake

From the outside, the royal wedding cake looked similar to any grand wedding cake, with stacked tiers covered in white fondant and elaborate gum paste flowers. Kate asked that Cairns use flowers symbolizing the four nations of the United Kingdom. Roses for England, thistle for Scotland, daffodils for Wales, and shamrocks for Ireland. Also, there were also other symbolic decorations, like an oak and acorn for endurance. And, in honour of her husband-to-be, the cake was also about the flower Sweet William, which symbolizes gallantry, smile, and finesse. (Source: the Spruce)

Inspired by location

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin met in Italy and are tying the knot in Venice, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see a cake inspired by their Venetian surroundings. This gold, rose-topped tower from N.Y.C.’s Ana Parzych Cakes reminds us of the ornately-embellished domes atop the city’s Basilica di San Marco. (Source: People)

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