Wedding decor trends to follow in 2021


Wedding decorations can often make or break the entire aura of a wedding. The decor, in fact, is one of the most important factors in a wedding that requires thought and care. Wondering how trends will bend in the coming year? Wedding themes binds everything together and it’s something you should think about before deciding on anything else in terms of preparations.  That’s why we at Wedding Affair have compiled a list of five themes for 2021. Take a look at it :

The Big Fat Grecian Wedding

decorThe Greek wedding is inspired by mythological elements like Greek gods and goddesses, The elegant theme would include the usage of earthy colours (from the brownish tone to the greyish ones), pillars, accents of gold accessories. To say tradition marries elegance at this Greek wedding inspiration shoot would be an understatement. Using mostly neutral colours, the decor highlights romance with white decor, green florals and opulent gold accents.

Neon, Neon! ALERT!

A neon-themed wedding could be something fun and out-of-the-box. neon signs and string lights paired with a dark-coloured venue, and then you’ve got the perfect neon wedding! Millennials these days are kicking away the old-school style of everything and inculcating some brand new trends for everything. Starting from the photo booths to the cutlery, the neon decor adds a twist to everything. Everybody loves different and unique elements at the wedding — especially when it comes with a neon variety. Starting with abroad countries, now more and more couples are slipping into this cage of fun neon colours, if not for the wedding, at least for the bachelorette party or the night sangeet ceremony.

Tropical Getaway

decorWhether you choose to have a destination wedding or not, there are always ways to make your venue look exactly like the island paradise you have always dreamed of. Decorate your venue with palm leaves and colourful accents from some of your favourite exotic blooms. Tropical wedding decor to your liking will be done.

Art Deco Wedding

You can bring back the Roaring 20s in the year 2020! This means embellished gowns for the ladies, wearing accessories that pop, vintage decor, and some throwback swing music on the dance floor. Gold sequences and headpieces for sure. When you get carried away, some wedding themes can become gimmicky. And when done repeatedly, well, they can ring tiresome and unoriginal. The Roaring ’20s theme, a trend since 2013, when the latest movie version of The Great Gatsby hit the big screen, should have made its way to the annals of history by now. Yet the glitz, glamour, and overindulgence endure.

Nautical Themed Wedding

Whether you’re tying the knot at your childhood lake house or planning a destination wedding, a nautical theme perfectly complements with the seaside. Make waves with blue and white tones paired with beach motifs like shells, anchors, ropes and sailboats too. Whether you’re thinking about an intimate ceremony in the sand or full-on beach bash, take note of nautical wedding decorations. From themed invitations to beach decor and favours, there are so many ways to incorporate sailing motifs and seafaring elements in the chicest of ways.

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