Wedding entertainment ideas


Even if your guest list is full of relatives and friends  and you’ve packed your DJ’s setlist with the best songs, it can be a good idea to plan for a few alternative ways for attendees to have fun at your reception.


Live Painter

Having a live painter create picture perfect art serves more as a keepsake for the marrying couple, but that doesn’t mean guests won’t be excited to watch them as they work. Ask for the artist to be seated at a prominent place where most guest can see them and watch everyone go awe.


Professional dancers 

In many traditions ,dancers lead just-married couple and their guests from ceremony to reception with a lively parade. You can also opt to for traditional  dancing troupe performance just before dinner for guest to have something to entertain themselves.


Mehendi games 

A personalised tic tac toe is quick and easy game will feel even more wedding-appropriate if you replace the X’s and O’s with yours and your grooms initials. A classic jenga game can be easily set up in your cocktail lounge, and will be a fun way for attendees who aren’t into dancing


Boho With a Flower Crown Bar

If you’ll be donning a flower crown on your haldi ceremony wedding day and want to give your guests the same option, set up a station where they can easily create their own.set up a flower crown station with plastic flowers and different sizes.