Wedding Gift Ideas for Guests

Wedding Gift Hampers
Wedding Gift Hampers

Wedding Gift: A wedding is incomplete without your loved ones to share all fun and drama with. The jolly atmosphere, a bunch of helping hands, pep talk from a sister just when you need it and your aunt always ready with snacks to feed you in between the ceremonies. Who could ask for more?

The enthusiasm with which we celebrate weddings in India is made possible by the hundreds of guests we invite- each trying to make the special day even better for the bride and groom.

When we think about that, it is only fair, we give them the same love and appreciation in return for their efforts. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Sensational Perfume

Beautiful Fragrance!

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There is nothing better than giving people the essence of your wedding through perfume- something to send them down the nostalgic lane whenever they come across the fragrance again. It can be in the form of His and Hers perfume for couples, or even a milder tone for the elderly.

When it comes to perfumes, you get endless choices. If you’re still not content with it, various brands have started offering the option of customizing a fragrance that is specific to you. All you have to do is pick out the ones you like and place a bulk order.

Cool and New Gadgets!

gadget gift hamper
New exciting gadgets

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In today’s world, people love Apple Phones more than apple pies, making your job easier of picking out a gift.

Gadgets can be anything from Air pods to smartwatches, or even fit bands. You can opt for Polaroid cameras which are all the rage among millennials right now. As gadgets can differ depending on age and generation, you might want to pick these gifts specific to the guest.


Family painting

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If you have a family with a bit of a creative streak, look no further. Paintings give a statement of class and elegance and you cannot really go wrong with it.

There are artists who come to your wedding and create a live painting of the bride and groom with their entire family. You can get multiple of those made and send your close ones as a beautiful token of love.

Religious Idols

 Religious Idols
Religious Idol

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Gifting religious idols is the safest option if you want to give them to a lot of your guests. It sends out positivity and blessings and remains with them throughout their life.

Depending on your family, you can choose from silver, gold, rose gold and even copper idols. You can give a nice box of sweets or dry fruits, along with this, in a hamper pack.

Customized Candles

Scented Candles
Customized Candles

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Similar to perfume, you can get custom candles made these days. The best part is you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to get these made. There are several online traders who provide you with a wide range of options like scented, carved, printed, and much more. You can choose from the scent and even mix and match.

Homemade Soaps

Wedding Gift Handmade soaps
Handmade soaps

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Homemade Soaps are trending right now, with their pretty packaging and handwritten notes. You can either go to a store to get these made or find a website you trust, that can deliver a bulk order in time. What sets it apart is you can ask the vendor to insert a scroll with a message, specific to the guest.

Even after they’ve used the soap, they’ll keep your message close to their heart for a long time.

Assorted Flavoured Tea Packs

wedding Gift Assorted Tea
Assorted Tea Flavours

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Tea is no longer just masala or green. It has spread its wings to jasmine, lavender, citrus, vanilla and assorted combinations as well. As Indians, almost all of us feel strongly about tea and a gift like that will make your guests adore you even more.

You can try combining two or more options from above, in a basket with flowers and chocolates to accompany the gifts. Custom gifts like these show a deeper bond and understanding of your loved ones. And no matter what you choose, a token of love like this will not go unappreciated by your guests.