Wedding Invitation Gifts to spread the Word with Love


             Wedding Invitation Gifts to spread the Word with Love

If the beginning is right, everything else will automatically fall into place and for a wedding, Invitation Cards beautifully wrapped with opulent gifts is just the right initiation. The invitations that serve as the first means of declaration of the happy and most celebrated occasion of someone’s life needs to express the zeal and zest that has been piled up since childhood. The invite, that conveys the declaration of the union of two happy souls, is the medium to employ and set the mood of the occasion. All important information like the date and time, the different functions organized, the theme, the fun factors and much more are conveyed through the elegance of the packages.

To some, spending money, time and effort on invitation might seem unimportant. However, we choose to disagree. The reason is simple. The people who hold a special place in your heart and even in a greater part of your memory deserve a memoir to express your gratitude towards them. Choose from a plethora of customized gifting options that will beautifully compliment your wedding invite to bring smile on the face of your loved ones.

The concept of customized Invitation along with bespoke gifts is still alien to some. However, we bring to you some of the best and unique gifting options from the connoisseurs of the industry like Ruchita Bansal from Core Designs, Ravish Kapoor Innovative Designs and Mr. Kapil & Mr. Sandy Khurana, The Entertainment Design Co., who have carved a niche for themselves. We bring to you some of the unique luxury gifting options along with unconventional Wedding invites. Read on to find more.

Core Designs

Ivory Invite 


With Lord Ganesha’s idol marking the beginning of the auspicious occasion that your guests are going to witness, the ivory invite makes a perfect Wedding Invite. Personalized invitation cards can be sent along with this package to convey the message.

High Gloss Wood


Beautifully carved High Gloss wood holder, with bright hues and aesthetic manifestation, outlined with the traditional designs, Core Designs gives you a great option to send the word and set the Classical theme.

Kapil & Mr. Sandy Khurana – Entertainment Design Co.

wedding affair aish

The card which served the purpose of Aishwariya Rai and Abhishek Bacchan’s Wedding Invitation is something to draw inspiration from. Using the shades of Orange and White, the invitation unfurled elegance and Charm.

Ravish Kapoor Invitations

Traveller's suitcase_500x333

The suitcase invite is a great option to include gifts according to the guest’s taste.

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