Wedding Invitation Ideas to Spice Up your Wedding


Let us look at the first step of planning a wedding. Trousseau? No. Venue? Not at all. Theme of the wedding? Absolutely not. Invitations it is! Yes, the first and foremost thing that you need to plan and execute, are the wedding invites, that also serve as the headliners of your series of events. And believe it or not, these take up so much time of your days and months, even if you wish to keep it simple. From the color, to the font size, to the content placement, and venue distinction, wedding invites are one separate type of task. So today we present to you some striking and magnificent ideas to collaborate with your upcoming calls to attend –

  • Gold Foil Pressed Invitations
Gold foil pressed wedding invitations give an elite look.

The classic envelope invitations just got revived. Thanks to the gold foil pressed invitations, we have fresh and luxurious looking invites in our bucket. Resembling the silver leaf dressing on several desserts, these invites have a texture that can be felt as smooth as a gold. An extra layer of shimmer (gold foil) is added on the page to enhance the outlook of the invite. These give an autumn-like feeling in any season you are getting married in. No matter what font you choose to engrave your name and venue details, it is going to reflect eliteness in each print.

  • Luxury Casket Invites
A luxury casket invite with edible goodies.

A great way to  excite your invites is to add a luxurious box to your invitation, along with some edible goodies. This trend has been in fashion for quite some time now, but not many have been able to use it to the fullest potential. Customize your name, venue, dates according to your dates, and then place it in a huge casket. You can add edibles such as a variety of dry fruits, as they are considered to be a sign of affluence. You could also add gourmet chocolates, or other sweets.

  • Acrylic Wedding Cards
We love how soothing these Acrylic invites look.

This one is our favorite. Such a subtle yet, bountiful manner of inviting your dear ones to your auspicious ceremony. Acrylic cards are those where the paper or textured material is replaced by an acrylic sheet which resembles a thin layer of glass. All of your essential vow details are carefully printed on this layer, and packed in a palatial hamper. For some people, it may look identical to a glass photo frame too. You could include a bottle of wine or champagne in your hamper, to complete the rich-looking acrylic invite. A huge bow on the top of the box could be the cherry on the cake.

  • Personalized Wedding Invitations
An amazing way to personalize your matrimonial invites.

Slowly getting into the trend are the personalized wedding invitations. Now, this personalization could be anything closely related to your matrimony. You could color coordinate your invite with the theme of your wedding. You could also include a personal message for all the invited guests. Another way to accentuate this invite is to include an image of the soon-to-wed couple inside the hamper. Personalizing invites adds a warm human touch to the entire request.

  • Ancient Scroll Wedding Cards
The traditional Scroll wedding invite.

Let’s go back in time and bring back the traditional methods of sending event invites. Yes, we are talking about the scroll wedding invitations. Scroll is basically a piece of cloth that has some information hand-written on it, and then cloth is then rolled and fit into a royal cylindrical box. Truly giving out Kingdom vibes! These invites are not-so-common in the market, and serve aesthetic vibes. If you wish to ditch the modern styles of calling your relatives to your ceremony, scrolls are the right piece to invest in.

  • 3D Invite Boxes
How captivating is this 3D wedding invite box.

If you wish to go out loud and bold, the above choices would not fit in your check boxes. Here is exactly what you want. Try exploring massive 3D wedding invites which can be customized as per your requirements. You could choose to recreate a miniature of your wedding theme, or something that reflects your beliefs or values. Another possibility is to convert the 3D box into a lifelike couple madly in love with each other. Anything that you desire to turn into life, could be the idea of your invite. Meaningful and enormous at the same time.

Ah, what a ride it has been. From exploring minimalistic yet chic designs to jumping on to the most prodigious invites of all times. We wish to try and touch each one of them. Which one are you choosing for your D-day? Let us know in the comment section below.