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When we plan our wedding, the Food Catering is most important thing that comes your mind! So choose the best caterer and make your wedding remarkable!

7 Types of Beverages to Have at Your Wedding

Weddings are all about the celebration of love with good food and good people. Beverages are an important part of weddings. Providing your guests...

Don’t Miss Onto These Wedding Trends

Weddings have always been about customs and rituals, but what makes the Gen-Z weddings special are the wedding trends that proliferate amongst them. If...

For all the foodie couples Here are some of recipes which...

We are a nation of foodies! And we completely agree that we humans enjoy eating food prepared in unusual ways. Since Covid is a...

Cocktails for your wedding celebrations

Wedding Affair enlists some of the best cocktails you can include in your wedding for the maximum class and delicacy and also maximum fun!

What contemporary wedding food looks like!

We have listed some ideas for you to revamp your wedding food into a contemporary lunch/dinner party that is sure to please everyone.

Ingredients for the best cocktail party

Wedding Affair enlists best cocktails you can include in your wedding menu for the maximum class and delicacy and also maximum fun!

Include these Mocktails in your Wedding menu

Here’s a list of the top 10 non-alcoholic beverages that you can include in your menu. Mocktails delight everybody!

A wedding menu for the health-conscious

Wedding Affair suggests a careful curation of wedding menu. Read on to find ways you can treat your guests with a healthier wedding food.

Festive coffee drinks to try this season

Coffee is that evergreen drink that can be converted into so many variants and can satiate your soul in so many ways.

A wedding feast that highlights global cuisine

Wedding Affair mentions the popular kind of wedding feast menus that are more prominent these days! Have a look and include these.

Frozen delights to chill in swampy weather

Frozen delights are simple delectables, which will definitely change your summer mood with super likes for them. Enjoy them anytime. 

Things to keep in mind before hiring a caterer

Choosing the right catering company is crucial. Wedding Affair brings to you the key factors you need to keep in mind before hiring a wedding caterer.