Weddings In The Green Island — Langkawi

Wedding in the Green Islands Langkawi- Wedding Affair
Wedding in the Green Island Langkawi

The wedding day marks the beginning of a love story, and every love story deserves a fairy tale destination for embarking on lifetime memories. The lush green lands of Langkawi, surrounded by sea, pristine beaches, hearty food, and cordial people, is our next destination in the series of Malaysian wedding destinations.

Wedding in the Green Island- Wedding Affair
Wedding in the Green Island

Amidst this tropical bliss of flora and fauna of Malaysia is the island of Langkawi. The island is a beauty to behold, lying just 30 km west of mainland Malaysia, surrounded by the magnificent blue Andaman Sea. It has an undeniable aura, combining over 104 islands known as the Jewel of Kedah, most of which stay uninhabited — hence being a place of solitude and adventure for lovers.

A rainforest that is about 10 million years old, Langkawi offers the perfect scenic view to couples. It is optimum for a visit between November and March as the weather is windy and the sun shines bright, not scorching. The waterfalls and forest valleys provide a beautiful and elegant backdrop to the romantic wedding of your dreams. What is even better is the culinary experts on this island that add finesse of taste to your wedding. From juicy crabs to fresh squid and aromatic chicken — the cuisine is a blend of multicultural foods from Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, and Thai flavours, offering diverse and intriguing vegetarian options that take the guests’ hearts in a second. And where there is hearty food, there are good people.

Langkawi Island’s hotels and resorts are famous for their cordial people who welcome you like a family. They understand the importance of this day, as this Island owns a rich mythical history of weddings with a legend that goes beyond thousands of years. And like us, they love a grand wedding, with jolly people and vivid colours.

The Danna Resort 

Danna Resort Langkawi- Wedding Affair
Danna Resort Langkawi

A luxurious five-star property built with Mediterranean-inspired architecture, The Danna Resort has been known for its impeccable service for over a decade. It is conveniently located near the Oriental Village along Pantai Kok and has an accommodation of 125 rooms and suites. The resort has a great bar and restaurant so that you can steal a romantic dinner by the beach with your loved one just before the wedding. The resort is known for its Danna Spa, which offers treatment using natural ingredients and calming atmosphere to help you rejuvenate after an exhausting day of preparations.

Getting There: It takes 15 minutes from Langkawi International Airport and 25 minutes from Pantai Cenang.

Four Seasons Report 

Four Seasons Resort Langkawi- Wedding Affair
Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

Your wish for a grand celebration of your love can find solace in the pristine white sand beach and emerald waters of the Andaman Sea at Four Seasons Resort, Langkawi. This property boasts of hosting the most beautiful weddings, which is bound to leave everyone in awe. The Rhu Bar, set with Middle Eastern inspiration, is perfect for a couple’s pre-wedding shoot and cocktail events. With a capacity of about 92 rooms, these accommodations hold the essence of Moorish architecture within their walls. They offer a variety of competitive sports, including beach volleyball, tennis, snorkelling, and water sports, so you can rejuvenate and spend quality time with your family.

Getting There: 20-minute drive from Langkawi Airport

Couple Taking A Stroll Amidst The Blue Spa- Wedding Affair
Couple Taking A Stroll Amidst The Blue Spa

Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort and Spa 

Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort and Spa - Wedding Affair
Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort and Spa

If you love a good old-school wedding with a classic ‘Malay’ village concept to add a little twist to your special day, Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort and Spa is where your search ends. This grand property has the capacity of 355 rooms to comfortably accommodate your family, offering distinct views and theme settings. It also has 51 individual chalets with lush verandahs, adding a homely aura to your stay. Pelangi Grand Ballroom offers elegance and grandiosity that can accommodate over 500 people.

Getting There: The hotel is a five-minute drive from the Langkawi Airport.

Ritz Carlton, Langkawi

Ritz Carlton, Langkawi- Wedding Affair
Ritz Carlton, Langkawi

You can count on Ritz Carlton, Langkawi, to provide outstanding service, making your wedding beyond your imagination. They offer a wide range of outdoor and indoor venue options, so you have a perfect place for all your events. The staff here goes out of their way to provide almost anything, including beach or garden-theme weddings, bespoke gifts and even world-class entertainment. This five-star property has a capacity of 90 rooms and 29 villas, with a private terrace where you can unwind and relax under the stars, fanned by the cool breeze after your exciting day.

Getting There: 10-minute drive from Langkawi Airport

Westin Langkawi

Westin Langkawi Sunset- Wedding Affair
Westin Langkawi Sunset

Westin Langkawi makes for the ideal fairy tale wedding venue- with the shimmering ocean as the perfect backdrop, soothing sea breeze, and light music of the waves. This magnificent property can accommodate up to 1200 guests at the Langkawi International Convention Centre. They are known for their exemplary service and beautiful residential villa-style accommodation. Heavenly Spa by Westin is the perfect spot for your wedding guests to unwind after a long day. To further elevate your experience, their wedding specialists help take care of your event preparations while you spend quality time with your loved ones.

Getting There: 20-minute drive from Langkawi Airport

St. Regis

St Regis Langkawi Property - Wedding Affair
St Regis Langkawi Property

Your dream wedding can be made true by the finest St. Regis Langkawi, located near the calm Andaman Sea, offering you direct access to the beach and a breathtaking sunset view. This luxury property has been known for its impeccable butler service taking care of your every need. Their serene architecture sets them apart by holding in the work of local painters, who provide a unique essence to every room. The open-air pavilion is perfect for a mesmerising beach wedding. For more intimate gatherings, you can opt for their Astor Ballroom, which has a luxurious space transformable to suit any event you like from a bachelorette to reception.

Getting There: 20-minute drive from Langkawi Airport

Tanjung Rhu Resort

Tanjung Rhu Resort - Wedding Affair
Tanjung Rhu Resort

Situated at the northern tip of Langkawi Island, surrounded by the Casuarina trees and a heartwarming ambience- this place is a paradise for every couple. Your wedding can be transformed into an extraordinary affair with their comprehensive services, including everything from a relaxing massage to a wedding specialist and a makeup artist for both bride and groom. They help to execute your perfect day- just as you want it to be.

Getting There: 15-minute drive from Langkawi Airport