Unique songs to play during the Entry of the Bride


            Unique songs to play during the Entry of the Bride


Marriage is considered to be the most integral part of a woman’s life. An institution based on trust, understanding and love, the kind and amount of sentiments attached to this pure nuptial is way too far fetched and beyond for anyone except for the soon-to-be- bride. Nuptials signify the commencement of the new role of a bride. The pom and show that goes into the planning of the wedding day, plants a million dreams in the eyes of the bride. She dreams about everything she can do on her special day. Every girl dreams to walk down the aisle with her favourite people by her side, wearing that beautiful dress and a song so perfect being played in the background while she walks the steps towards her prince charming who will rescue her from all bad and evil problems of her life. This feeling becomes more special and alluring when the background is filled with the music of those special songs and tunes which makes the moment memorable and luring. Let the moment be grand with many sentiments attached to it with these list of songs.

While every bride must have thought of a list of songs she would like to play at the wedding, it is that moment, when she walks towards the spotlight, to join her to-be husband on the stage that etches the first memory of the wedding ceremony in the minds of your guests. To make of the princess of the day, feel nothing less like a princess, play a heartfelt song as the bride makes her grand entry. Wedding Affair showcases the list of most trending and on beat songs suitable for every and any bridal entry.

1. Heer Nucleya ft Shruti Pathak

2. Aaj Mere Piya Ghar aayenge by Kailash Kher

3. Din Shagna da (Jasleen Royal)

4. Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray

5. Wanjli by Hadiqa Kiani


6. O re Piya by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan


7. Ye kya Hua – Shreya Ghoshal

7. Taarein hai Baarati

Wedding Affair hopes and wish that you got what you were finding to feel special on your memorable day. Also all the very best for your new life for all the soon to be brides.