What causes bloating and how to combat it


At some point or another, we’ve all experienced a bit of bloating. Maybe it was after a romantic evening with bae at your fave Italian restaurant in which you devoured ample breadsticks and gooey al fredo. Or maybe you noticed a puffy belly a couple hours after going to town on some veggies. Wedding Affair brings to you everything you need to know about bloating.

What is Bloating, Exactly?

The feeling of mild bloating or slight abdominal distention (an increase in abdomen size) is normal after eating a large meal, particularly one full of fat or rapidly fermentable carbohydrates such as beans, wheat, onion, and garlic. Eating too fast can also cause you to eat too much since your brain doesn’t have time to catch up with your body. When you eat large amounts of food, it sits heavy in your body and takes some time to properly digest and breakdown. Que the bloat.

The same bloating sensation happens when you drink too much water, though H2O is processed by your body more quickly than food so it’s a fleeting feeling). Additionally, consuming lots of salt can create a feeling of bloat since salt causes your body to hold onto water. The good news is that bloat tends to pass relatively quickly.

Tricks to Relieve Bloating

If you’re currently in the midst of a bloating episode – or if you’re simply taking note for the future – there are a few ways you can find some relief.

Guzzle Some Water

It might sound counterintuitive to drink more water when retaining water, but doing so can actually help reduce bloat because it naturally flushes our system of excess water and sodium that we may be retaining.

Go for a Stroll

Moving your body can contribute to movement of the colon, help the contents in the intestine move and be eliminated. Again, it might feel counter-intuitive since the last thing you feel like doing is moving, but it can help!

Grab a Cuppa

In addition to water, that getting a little caffeine into your body via coffee or tea can help get your intestines moving, too.

Strike a (Yoga) Pose

Get your Zen on with some yoga poses that help release trapped gas, such as the extended wide squat, knees hugged to chest, and bridge pose.

Rub Your Belly

A simple belly massage can help bring relief to a bloated gut. You can also use a heat compress for an extra act of self-care.

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