What does A Bride Need Before the Big Day?


Weddings can get pretty heavy on a bride, despite the fact that it is her who has to leave her home and move into another. From outfits to styling, catering to gifting, hair to makeup, everything revolves around the bride-to-be. Amidst the chaos of all of this, there are some self-care and self-grooming things that the bride needs to take up, in order to better prepare herself physically for her nuptials. We look at some essential routines that all soon-to-be brides need to start sometime before their big day –

  1. Body Treatments
Get a full body wax.

A wedding is a lot to do, and for which you need to start preparing your body a few months before the wedding. Start fixing appointments in your favorite salons to get the body beauty treatments in the right window. You will require a full body wax that is followed by a clean and precise bikini wax too.

Book body polishing sessions.

If you wish to opt for a laser body hair removal treatment, the best time to begin with it is nearly a year before, as your body also takes time to adjust to the new. Go for body cleansing and polishing sessions to attain the smooth and buttery glow on your natural skin tone.

  1. Nail Treatments
Manicures and pedicures are important for nail health.

Nails can be very tricky when it comes to taking care of them for a big event like your wedding. You could have the perfect sturdy and clean set for the whole year, and suddenly they would turn brittle one week before D-day. To prevent a situation like this indulge in periodic manicure and pedicure sessions to treat your nails right.

Save nail extensions for later.

They too need food and a session once a month would be sufficient. Oil your nails regularly at home to ensure strength and shine for a longer period of time. Ditch any nail extensions for a couple of months, and opt for them a week before your wedding, if you really want to get them.

  1. Hair Treatments
Try your smoothening therapies now.

Another important aspect for a bride is her hair. These can really go wild if not treated well before the day of the wedlock. Of course, you do not want your locks to be dry and weak, or oily and sticky, during your ceremonies. This is why a few months before your wedding is the perfect time to start preparing your lengths for good. If you want to get new hair color, get it right now so that you could become habitual of handling it, and also check if it suits you or not. Don’t worry about the fade, you can always get a touch-up. Also, if you are desperate for a smoothening or hair strengthening session, plan it for about 2 weeks before the wedding.

  1. Body Relaxation
Rejuvenate your body through spa sessions.

Last but not least, after getting treatments on the outside, sit back and relax to get your inner body healed. It is important that you relax your mind and muscles as the upcoming days are going to get pretty hectic. Sleepless nights and long days may take a toll on your health and body, which is why you need to start gaining and saving all your strength for later.

Do not skip separate foot and hand massages.

Go for full-body massages and aroma spas, and book sessions for head and hair spas. Foot and hand massages are also a must for you, given the fact these are going to get burdened with heavy jewelry and couture very soon.