What his favorite Sex Position reveals about him?


What his favorite 'Position' reveals about himThought only animals gave way to their baser instincts? Every man is a reflection of what he prefers when he is ‘in bed’. Sexuality and masculinity have always been intertwined. The real insight to his weird brain is unveiled when he is pants down. A general judgment of how a man actually is made in accordance to what he wears or what car he owns or how he treats women. But how he prefers his sex, tells the most about him.

Let’s get this revealed, Ladies!


The Bread and Butter of Sex! If your man is the one who wants the missionary position on repeat, he is a man who abides by the rules. He wants you to pay your entire attention when he is making love to you so that you know he is quite open to you. He wants to share the most intimate experiences with you in that position. He is someone who is open to commitments and will prove to be a loving and dependent partner. The missionary man is usually a giver. He wants you to experience pleasure equally.

Men who fall in this category are usually one with a stable job, well-groomed and tidy. Might not set your bed on fire, but surely is a keeper.


To experiment with the positions, doggy-style can be an enjoyable one! But if a man is only enthralled in pounding from behind, he is adventurous in bed, less on the romantic side. So if you’re on a fling, then you shouldn’t be too judgmental. He is more on the fun side and has cosmic butt fascination. He loves taking control of his life, like he loves taking control in bed, more of an alpha male. He is probably not willing to connect emotionally, as doggy-style avoids eye-contact and lowers intimacy. He’s more of a man’s man who has a huge friend circle but no one close.


The sight of a woman on top, taking entire control and pleasure of the move, is often an alluring vision, every man wants. It is also one of those positions where a man can lie and relax, letting her lady-love take charge. But if this is favorite position then prepare yourself for a lifetime of mothering. He’s had a very easy life with someone always picking his tabs. Could be a little immature, looking for a mother-figure, who can take care of him. To be able to take him out of this position you’ll have to be a little creative. Initiate some fun games where he is able to dominate and knows how enjoyable it can be, being the boss at times.


Spooning position is adored by most women as it has a lot of cuddling and caressing. Never thought that a guy would actually love to spoon, right? Well ladies, it takes a real man to enjoy spooning without hurting his ego. Most men will only do it as a concession but a guy who prefers spooning over other erotic positions is a man very confident of his masculinity.


This is not actually a sex position but a position to galvanize your foreplay. A man who loves 69 is quite in touch with his feminine side. Without a doubt this position pleasurably harmonizes both the partners; a perfect position to turn on each other at the same time. This utterly intimate position gives you access to all erogenous zone. If however, your man only sticks to the 69 position, he’s only seeking oral sex and never wants to go beyond that. Also, he has some performance anxiety, maybe. Make him feel more confident and safe.

Ladies, now you know why your man keeps a particular position in loop?