What Not To Do As A Newlywed!


Some couples get so wrapped up in the wedding festivities that they fail to comprehend what they’re getting themselves into. If you recently tied the knot, we implore you to take a breather and realise that you are now officially married. The party was probably a lot of fun and now, you have to live together, get along, and form your own family. Enjoy the wedding planning and the afterglow of your big day – from watching the wedding videos to reminiscing with friends – but keep the big picture in mind at all times – your life as a couple. Here are some things you should not do as a newlywed:

Act Like You Are Still Single 

Face it, the big day is over and you are married now! Life has to change to accommodate the fact that you are no longer single and your are now a newlywed person. No more flirty text messages to that so-and-so person and no more living like a child. It’s time to pull up your socks and learn how to live like an adult.

Not Respecting Each Other’s Parents

Marriage means respecting your in-laws by default. So, give them that well-earned respect, which they deserve. Don’t be intimidated by them. If you’re living with the in-laws, do remember that they too are in the ‘trying to adjust’ phase and you’ll ‘get’ what you ‘give’. Comparing your in-laws to your parents or expecting them to treat you just the way your own mother did will not get you anywhere. Give it some time and do talk out your issues in a calm manner with your husband.

Treating Money Lightly

When it comes to money, planning is a must. Section out your expenditures – monthly groceries, weekend plans, clothes shopping, house rent, car loan etc. Set realistic budgets and divide the expenditures between the two of you. And do save up for the not-so-good days or the big Europe trip!  

Not Spending Enough Time With Your Partner 

Remember, the honeymoon period or golden period will not come back again! This is the time to spend maximum time with your partner and indulge each other to the fullest. It is the time to know and understand each other’s whims, fancies, hopes and wishes. So, avoid anything which comes between you and your partner, as they should be your top priority.

Heated Arguments About Having Children

Don’t start conversations about having children! It is too soon and might freak your partner out. Even if you have been longing for a child for a very long time, keep that conversation on hold in the newly-married state. This might go against you, if you keep on blabbering about having a child! Instead, take this time to just enjoy with your spouse and get to know each other, and share your life together. Learn to enjoy ‘me-time’ without resorting to baby talk which would inevitably mean your freedom is compromised!