What to do if your partner is an Introvert

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There are times when people with highly different personalities fall for each other. When we say different, we mean poles apart — while he has a friend circle of 20 people, she likes to hangout with her cat, while he likes to sip on fancy wines and attend concerts, she likes to gulp on virgin mojito and watch netflix series at home. Easy for science to say that opposites do attract, but what it doesn’t tell us is what to do after that attraction occurs. What is certain is that they drive you nuts.

Fortunately for us, most of the tension thus far has been solved by fully accepting one small thing – she/he is an introvert and you are an extrovert.  Since many of you out there may be facing similar situation Wedding Affair brings to you four epiphanies about introverts that became game-changers for to make your relationship far happier.

Just Because He/She Is Antisocial, It Doesn’t Mean They Need To Change

If your idea of a perfect evening is hanging out at a crowded bar and theirs is a quiet dinner at home, all is not lost. Compromise is obviously important, but as strange as this might sound, sometimes the best way to find common ground is for each of you to give the other some space to do his or her own thing. You don’t need to force them to go out with you every time you hangout with your friends. 

Their Idea Of Dates Is Different Than Yours

While you may consider going for a candle night dinner at the fanciest hotel for a romantic date night, they may rather be happier if you two simply spent time snuggling in bed, watching your favourite sitcom. Appreciate their preferences and try to adapt to what makes them happy — they might be the smallest things but it will bring the biggest smile on their face.

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They Are Not Bored

Socialising is fun but when you are at a gathering, over in the margins sits your precious introvert, just kind of hanging back and watching. Maybe they look disinterested or bored. Maybe they haven’t said a single thing to a single person all night. What’s the deal? Do they hate you and everyone you love? Are you doomed to a life of painful joint socialization? Well, odds are, they’re having a great time, just taking it all in and enjoying being present. Introverts are great people watchers and intent listeners. So that’s probably where those serious faces come from. Make the occasional effort to include them, because they probably have something awesome to add, (or don’t, if they hate that) and just trust that they’d tell you if they weren’t OK.

They Need To Get Energised

Since introverts only have so much social energy to spend before they need to recharge, many tend to like to save it for a small group of close friends — whom they really like. So, if there comes a time when they’re already having dinner with their BFF one night, they may honestly not be up for dinner with yours the next day. Remember, turning you down is not rude or personal. It’s just a matter of survival and good self care.

Having said all this, the true key to understanding your introvert partner is tons of communication — but not too much. Well, it can be a little tricky but one thing that is common amongst introverts is they are extremely passionate lovers. They don’t talk to everyone, let alone falling in love with someone. If someone of this nature wants to give you his/her heart, you must be really special to them — take good care of it!

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